Mr Varun Mukhi and Mr Aayush Agrawal – MSc Strategic Marketing, 2013

RateAway is a social network for users to rate and review their friends on their palette of skills, attributes and likes. It is a simple,fun and interactive platform for a more verified and comprehensive insight into an individual’s personality. Users will have the opportunity to choose one of the pre-selected categories (which is typically something they are either interested/excel in) filled with some exciting and engaging questions. They can then rate anyone on their network on various attributes and invite friends/peers to get rated on attributes most important to them. Users can also post their ratings on skills on Facebook & Twitter. In the future companies will be invited to create their own dedicated RateAway portfolio and expand their reach to their target market.

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Sector: Social Networking
Location: London, Mumbai
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Entry last updated: 21 October 2013