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One of the elements of our application process that candidates (and the Admissions team!) enjoy most is the fast-track Admissions Days that we run throughout the year.

Here’s our guide to what to expect and how to make the most of the experience.

What is an Admissions Day?

Admissions Days are full-day events - traditionally held on campus, but now offered virtually - for candidates who are ready to apply for the next part-time MBA intake – whether that’s for the:

At the next Admissions Day, you’ll join us for a welcome presentation from the Programme Director, a member of Imperial College Business School Careers and a taster lecture. You will hear more about our MBA programme, advice on preparing your application and have an interview with one of our selectors. Throughout the day, you’ll have the opportunity to network with current students and alumni of our MBA programmes.

The day is a perfect taster into the atmosphere and ethos of Imperial College Business School, as well as helping you to accelerate your MBA application. If you are successful on the day, you’ll be encouraged to formally apply – but you won’t need to provide a personal statement, career essays – or be re-interviewed!

What are you looking for from the group exercise?

For the assessed group exercise, you’ll be given a short case study to discuss in small groups before presenting your conclusions. Throughout this session, you’ll be observed by a member of our team who will be reviewing your communication skills and how you operate in a team environment.

Whilst your individual contribution to the group is important, remember to be yourself and don’t look at this as a competitive situation. The culture of our MBA programmes is very collaborative so the ability to work well in a group is an important attribute. Decisions on Admissions Day candidates are made on a case-by-case basis, so you won’t be increasing your chances of success if you focus on outdoing your fellow attendees.

What are you looking for from the interview?

Just like the Skype interviews in our regular admissions rounds, we’re assessing your readiness and suitability for an MBA at Imperial through questions about your previous experience, motivations and future aspirations. For more guidance on how to prepare for your interview – check out this blog post! 

Admissions Days are aimed at candidates who have already done their planning and research, and are ready to apply – if you’re still in the research stage, one of our regular information sessions or webinars would be a great first step.

What are the benefits of attending an Admissions Day?

Many students on our MBA programmes join us via an Admissions Day. Current students, Hal and Angie, share their reflections on the benefits of attending.

“Life doesn’t always work according to the cycle of admissions deadlines. In addition to being a centre of academic excellence, Imperial isn’t afraid to be innovative in how it operates. The accelerated application day allowed me to meet other students, world-class researchers and alumni and start my MBA journey 12 months earlier than I otherwise could have done.” Hal Sherrington, MBA 2019-20

“The Admissions Day was a fast way for me to get into the Weekend MBA at Imperial College Business School. I remember I experienced an interesting lecture on international business management and met some prospective Weekend MBA candidates who are now in my cohort. Most importantly, I received an offer for the programme the day after. It might sound strange, but I did enjoy the interview process very much, talking to the Admissions Director was more like a nice discussion rather than a stressful interview.” Angie Lee, Weekend MBA 2019-20

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