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Do you have a Business School programme in your immediate sight, but are worried it may be too late to apply?

Applications are currently open for a number of our MBA and MSc programmes for 2024, and even if the start date is very soon, it might not be too late to apply.

We normally advise early applications for a number of reasons, however, every year we receive some fantastic late applications and we are happy to help those candidates who are applying later in the cycle, and offer some tips on what to consider when applying with limited time before the programme commences.

If you’re making a late application, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. International students need a visa to join the programme

If you are an international student, make sure you find out what type of visa you would require – a student route visa is required for full-time study or a standard visitor visa may be required for a part-time programme. Check that you would have adequate time to obtain this before the programme starts, and remember that the process and timings may vary between countries.

If you are an international student applying to one of our part-time programmes, we can only provide you with a short-term study visa letter when you have met all offer conditions, so make sure you are preparing to meet your offer conditions in advance.

For the latest information regarding visas, please see our guidance here

2. Meeting your offer conditions

It is important to note that all applicants need to meet our offer conditions before you can join our programmes. As already mentioned, this is especially relevant to international students outside of the UK and EU who will need to meet these conditions before a visa can be obtained.

Even if you’ve put in a late application or are late applying, you can think ahead about how you will meet some of the offer conditions.

The following offer conditions need to be met by all applications:

  • Academic condition - you will need to verify your academic documents via the Qualification Check service - if your application is successful you will receive a link to verify your documents in your offer conditions. It's a good idea to have your documents ready or if your degree has not yet been awarded, confirm when the documents will be available.
  • You should be ready to pay your deposit, which is 10% of the total fee for all full-time programmes.
  • There may be a reference condition if we have not yet received two valid professional references. While you can submit your application with one of your references, there will be a condition on your offer if the second reference has not yet been received. To meet your conditions quickly, we advise you that you prioritise obtaining your second reference after you have submitted your application if you haven’t done so already.

3. Do you need to meet our English language requirement?

All students are required to meet our English language requirement, so if you have not studied your degree in an English speaking country, make sure you check the accepted qualifications and prepare to take an English proficiency test if required.

4. Additional requirements

In addition to the above, there are conditions that you might need to meet depending on your circumstance:

  • If you are being sponsored, then official confirmation of sponsorship will be required.
  • If you are applying for the Full-Time MBA or MSc International Management, a valid GMAT or GRE will be required (if not already provided with your application).

5. So now you’re prepared for meeting your offer conditions, what else should you be considering?

Embarking on an MBA or MSc programme is a big commitment, so you will need to prepare yourself mentally, financially, and practically. If you need a bit more time to sort out your finances, you have the option of paying the tuition fee in two instalments per year for our Full-Time MBA and MSc programmes. More information on paying your deposit and fees can be found on the Imperial College website.

On the practical side, make sure you find out when the induction period is, as you will need to be on campus for this, and it is compulsory for all programmes. You therefore may need to arrange short-term accommodation if you are studying part-time and joining us from overseas.

Returning to study

If you have been in work for a number of years and are worried about returning to study, this is perfectly natural, but do not fear! Our Programme team will do all they can at induction to facilitate an easy transition. They will hold workshops focussed on study skills/returning to study, and remember there will be plenty of others in your position!

You will also be asked to complete pre-study modules via our online learning platform to get you up to speed with basics of topics such as accounting, maths, finance and plagiarism awareness. They vary slightly programme to programme but are all designed to ensure you have the knowledge you need to get off to a great start in your core modules.

If you are made an offer, make sure you confirm your acceptance at the earliest possible stage to receive access to these pre-study modules. If you are applying late and have little time to complete the modules, please do not worry, you can talk to your Programme team during induction about getting these completed.

So now it’s time to get excited about embarking on your Imperial journey! We look forward to receiving your application and hopefully welcoming you to the Business School when we meet you at induction.