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When applying to our MSc programmes, it is important to consider how the admission process works for the programme you are interested in, and if it involves application deadlines. In addition to deadlines, it is also good to understand the amount of time it could take before you receive a decision on your application. 

Although not all programmes have application deadlines, it is always beneficial to apply early. This post will explain the advantages of applying early and will guide you through how application deadlines work for the programmes that have them.

Applying for your visa

Our Admissions team are experienced with the Student Visa process and this experience has given us a good understanding of what to expect each year. Visa applications can sometimes be fairly time-consuming, therefore the best way to avoid any complications and delays with the issuing of your visa is to make sure that you apply to our MSc programmes sooner, rather than later. It is also important to have considered the time it could take for us to provide you with a decision on your application, as you must have an unconditional offer before the visa process can begin.

We always try to make sure as few students as possible experience any difficulties with acquiring their visas but applying early truly is the easiest way to avoid any disappointment.

Network and meet your classmates early

One of the most exciting reasons to apply early is to start to experience the social benefits this can bring. We organise a range of exclusive events and activities for our admitted students. This means that you can get to know your future classmates sooner and start to feel a part of the Business School community before you have even officially enrolled on your programme. We also provide a platform for you to connect and interact with your future classmates so you can begin making friends straight away.

Make use of our Career Service

On a professional level, our Careers service is an extremely popular feature of joining the Business School. Access to the team’s support, advice and guidance that is tailored to your own specific career needs, is also available for our admitted students, who can gain use of the service in the months leading up to the start of your programme. This expert support can boost your professional development, help you to prepare for summer internships before joining us, as well as assist you with the application process for post-MSc graduate roles. Importantly, many large firms that hire graduates set their job application deadlines very early on in the academic year, so it is good to get ahead of the game as early as you can.

Scholarship deadlines

If you are hoping to be considered for one of our scholarships, you must ensure that you apply early, and specifically, by the scholarship deadline.

Similarly, if you’re applying for an external scholarship, it’s important to consider both the scholarship deadline and our application deadlines to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to study with us.

How do our application deadlines operate?

Programmes included:

For the programmes listed above, there are several admission rounds throughout the year. If you submit a complete application by one of the application deadlines, then we will guarantee you a decision by the decision date specified. In between the application deadline, and decision date, applicants for MSc Business Analytics and MSc International Management will also be expected to complete their online interview. This must be completed on time for you to be considered in the admission round in which you applied.

For most of these programmes you will hear the decision on your application at the end of each round, which is approximately 1 month after the application deadline. Please check the relevant webpage above to find out the specific deadlines for your programme.

Which programmes do not have application deadlines?

These programmes do not have application deadlines. You can submit at any time while applications are open. Although there are no specific application deadlines our programmes are all highly competitive, so we recommend you apply as early as possible. Our typical response period for these applications will be around 8-12 weeks.

We hope to receive an application from you soon! 

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