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Ashar Yahya completed his MSc Finance in 2021. He now holds a position in CLO trading at Nomura in New York, where he plays a vital role in bond pricing and liquidity provision. With plans to pursue an MBA at Harvard Business School and start his own business in the financial technology sector, Ashar's future looks promising. 

Time at Imperial

Ashar's experience at the Business School significantly enhanced his quantitative skills, which he had already developed during his undergraduate studies in Finance at McGill in Canada.

The courses at Imperial were particularly challenging, with demanding problem sets that pushed Ashar to expand his knowledge in the field. Beyond the classroom, Ashar served as the President of the North America Business Club, showcasing his leadership abilities and fostering connections with fellow students.

He found inspiration in all his professors, who demonstrated unwavering support during the COVID-19 pandemic, accommodating various time zones and providing flexibility in exams.

Career since leaving Imperial 

Since graduating from Imperial, Ashar has embarked on a successful career in CLO trading at Nomura in New York. His primary responsibilities involve pricing bonds on the secondary market and facilitating liquidity for buyers and sellers. The skills he acquired during his time at Imperial have been instrumental in his career development. Ashar's ability to work under pressure and solve complex problems has proven invaluable in the fast-paced trading environment.

Don’t be afraid of failing - I think throughout my education, I’ve got a couple of bad exam grades, but its more important on how you rectify those mistakes next time

A typical day for Ashar involves arriving at work around 7 am, analyzing bond metrics, determining tentative price talk, submitting bids, and collecting bids from customers interested in purchasing the bonds. This routine requires a mix of analytical skills, decision-making, and effective communication.

Looking to the Future

Ashar's future holds exciting opportunities as he has been admitted to Harvard Business School's deferred MBA program. In two years' time, he plans to enroll at HBS to further enhance his business acumen. Beyond that, Ashar aspires to establish his own business in the financial technology space. His goal is to leverage his expertise and innovative thinking to make a significant impact in the industry.

With the combination of his educational background, professional experience, and entrepreneurial spirit, Ashar is well-positioned for a successful future.


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