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Full-time MBA – revamped Personal Leadership Journey

Ahead of the official start of term here at Imperial College Business School next week, I am happy to share more about the revamped Personal Leadership Journey (PLJ) module we will be delivering this academic year to our full-time MBA class.

The Personal Leadership Journey (PLJ) is a dynamic module that equips our students with the knowledge and skills required to enter, succeed and progress in today’s competitive and rapidly changing world of work and have a positive impact on society. The module builds on the pre-work done by students over the summer in our Careers Primer and the personalised feedback they will receive after attending a one-day Development Centre early in the programme, and it is delivered through a combination of FTMBA exclusive workshops, optional small group sessions, psychometrics and three assignments.


4 key themes

The PLJ covers the 4 key themes below throughout the year:

  • Personal impact and networking: encouraging students to use own understanding of personal drivers, strengths and skills to impactfully define and communicate their personal brand and strategically expand their professional network around their areas of interest.
  • Executive communication: providing tools to connect content structure and quality with effective use of individual presence, body and voice to deliver impactful messages in different forms and influence diverse audiences.
  • Managing your career: using career progression models, job search techniques, goal setting strategies and negotiation skills to make informed and resilient career decisions and to take ownership of short and long-term career goals.
  • Leading in a complex and connected world: preparing for the return to a workplace with an understanding of strategies and tools to manage oneself and lead through others effectively across cultures.

Dedicated Careers Consultant

At Imperial College Business School each student partners with their dedicated Careers Consultant to tailor their journey and future-proof their career plans, maximising their prospects of achieving their post-MBA career goals around career acceleration, career change or launching a new business.

In line with the reimagined programme recently announced for 2022 the PLJ is fully integrated into the full-time MBA curriculum. The PLJ responds to employer demands for leadership and wider professional skills and the technical knowledge is developed through other core modules and electives.

Andreia Ferreira
Careers Consultant – Co-Lead FTMBA Programme – Lead Healthcare Sector


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