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First of all, I would like to congratulate you all again on securing a place on the FT MBA program! Many of you I have now met through the welcome webinars but for those who haven’t, hello! I, Chloe Chambers lead on the FT MBA Careers program delivery with Andreia Ferreira (Head of FT MBA Careers).

I am aware that many of you are still working and may be preoccupied with wrapping things up, handing over and even negotiating if you plan to return to the same business or a new position upon graduation. That said, despite the business you may currently be working through, please note the below suggestions as to what you should be focusing on from a career’s perspective right now.


All students should be working through the Careers Primer (all accessible via The Hub). This careers primer consists of:

  • Foundations for Careers Success - we recommend you spend 1 to 2 hours to get the most out of this module and that you complete it before the start of your programme. This is a starting point for you to identify your values, interests, career to date, career capital and understand what resources are available to you.
  • 'Writing your CV' online module and get a VMOCK-approved CV. 'VMOCK-approved' means achieving a score of more than 80% on a one-page CV.

My top five items that should be at the top of your agenda:

  1. Spend time researching sectors and roles that you may be interested in – you can check out our sector webinars on The Hub which give insight into the impact of COVID 19 on specific industries
  2. Gather feedback from those that have recently worked closely with you – give people notice and time to complete this. Explain that constructive feedback will assist you to identify areas for development during your MBA
  3. Start building your network – connect with industry professionals, your future cohort and of course make time to say goodbye to those you may not work with again
  4. Book in a 121 appointment with Andreia or myself to start working on your strategy! Email to do this
  5. Stay abreast of all the communication coming to you from us in Careers and Student Life. You will no doubt feel slightly inundated with information at the start of your program but keeping watch for the regular posts and information shared will serve you well!

One last thing – for those who will be new to London, start planning all the things you want to see and do!  Our cohorts are normally a very sociable bunch, so look forward to making new friendships and discovering a wonderfully exciting city during your MBA Journey.

Chloe Chambers
Careers Consultant – Co-Lead FTMBA Programme – Lead TMT Sector


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