Tara He, Head of Employer Relations, APAC


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The APAC Team

We are dedicated to supporting you seeking employment across the APAC region, whether that be back in your home country or elsewhere.

Tara He, Head of Employer Relations, APAC

Tara HeĀ 
Head of Employer Relations, APAC

Tara is based in Singapore and engages with companies across APAC on a regular basis to discuss employment trends, employment opportunities and candidate requirements.

Bei Wu

Xiaobei Wu
Careers Consultant, APAC Career Lead

Xiaobei is an experienced Mandarin- English Bilingual Career Consultant, and is normally based in London. She provides all levels of career support to incoming, current students and recent alumni for the APAC region.

APAC Events

APAC events including employer presentations, industry talks, and alumni panels take place throughout the year.

Our flagship event APAC Super Saturdays runs between February and March. Professionals across the region offer new perspectives covering a wide range of topics. Last year, a team from Google Singapore talked about the Digital Economy in Southeast Asia; Executive Director from CICC Hong Kong shared his Observation and Thoughts on Financial Institutions, and a Sr Product Manager from ByteDance hosted a talk on The Product Manager of Today.

Key Team Messages

Some things to think about if you are considering to work in APAC:

Highlight Language Skills

Knowing more than one language can make you hugely attractive to employers. Although most international business will be conducted in English, company might require some level of the local language as many interactions internally and externally require to use it. If you speak multiple languages, this is a critical skill that many employers look for. When writing your CV, make sure to highlight the languages you speak and the level of fluency you have with each.

Be Aware of Visa Requirements

There is nothing worse than spending days applying for jobs and turning out you are not qualified to acquire a visa sponsorship from employers in the country you are applying to. When applying for jobs abroad, make sure you have checked the work visa requirements though online or your contacts in specific countries - sometimes employers would specify that you must have a prior work visa to be considered in their job listings.

Look Out for Our Next Blog

In our following APAC blogs, we have put together a number of useful resources in specific countries that will make your job search across APAC a little easier.

In the meantime, please check out our other sector posts and stay tuned for more!

Tara Linyi He, Head of Employer Relations (APAC)


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