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Lawrence Lu

The APAC Team (Careers Week)

Every year Business School Careers host an Autumn Term Careers Week.  All our Sector Teams and Employer Relations Manager host a plethora of events and learning focusing our students on their Career and Job Search.

Both myself and XiaoBei(Bei) Wu delivered two APAC specific events - let me tell you a what we covered.....

A Prospect of the Financial Market in Greater China - 07 October 2020

Lawrence Lu, joined CICC in 2010, having established and managed global commodities business since afterwards.  Prior to that, he served several global banks in London on various commodity trading positions between 2003-2010.  He has an MSc in Financial Mathematics from Cass Business School, an MBA from University of Oxford, and a Bachelor of Finance from Shanghai International Studies University.

Lawrence took guided our Students through these topic areas:

1  Particulars about Financial Markets

2  About financial industry in Greater China

3  How to tap into the industry

4  Some fragmented pieces of advice

Eric Xu

The China Deep Dive: Consulting Industry - 20 October 2020

Eric XU is a senior professional focusing on management consulting, corporate strategy, marketing/branding strategy, organization and consumer insights. With over 9 years corporate strategy and management consulting experience in China and US, Eric has extensive experience as strategist serving multiple types of clients, from Fortune 500 MNCs to local private companies, collaborating partners from Asia, North America and Europe. During the past 5 years, Eric mentored and coached thousands of students and young professionals by offering personalized career development plan, job hunting/networking/interview skills, and inspiring them to discover their strengths. Eric holds an MBA from University of Cambridge and an MS degree in management from University of Colorado. He also holds a BS degree in marketing and an MA degree in management in China.

1  Overview of Consulting Industry in China

2  General Misunderstanding of China’s Consulting Market

3  Insider Information for You to Succeed in China’s Consulting Market

4  Career Development and Application Action Plan in China Market

Both these talks gained wide spread 5 Star reviews from the students who attended with student quotes:

'Great, deep insight about China's finance market'

'Everything was useful!! Super insightful'

'A very comprehensive overview of the greater China market. Some insightful advice for career planning and career development'

Tara Linyi He, Head of Employer Relations (APAC)

XiaoBei(Bei) Wu, Career Consultant (APAC)


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