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Imperial College Business School is pleased to announce the MSc Global Health Management has launched for September 2024 entry. The new MSc Global Health Management replaces the programme previously known as International Health Management.  

We spoke to Aram Karakashian, Executive Director of Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions to learn how the MSc Global Health Management has been redesigned to meet the needs of a complex and rapidly evolving global healthcare ecosystem.   

“The revamped MSc Global Health Management programme has been enhanced to provide a more comprehensive learning experience, offering an extended exploration of global health challenges, leadership dynamics, sustainability considerations, and the intricate factors influencing health beyond conventional healthcare measures.”  

MSc Global Health Management is built to enable students to personalise their learning journey. Students can take a deep dive into one of three concentrations: 

  • Management – With modules covering areas such as strategy, marketing, innovation, and organisational behaviour, students will learn to lead and tackle global health challenges. 

  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship - With modules in areas such as design thinking, entrepreneurship, and business sustainability, students will learn to drive innovation and lead in evolving the future of health and healthcare. 

  • Economics & Data Science - With modules in areas such as digital economics, health analytics, big data, AI, and machine learning, students will learn to impact global health challenges through the use of data and analytics. 

An expanded range of electives that incorporate leadership, policy, entrepreneurship, analytics and sustainability, are available for students to further personalise their learning options.  

“This affords students the flexibility to tailor their educational journey, fostering a truly interdisciplinary approach." 

The Master’s was designed in collaboration with Imperial College London’s School of Public Health, Dyson School of Design Engineering and the Imperial Enterprise Lab, allowing students to benefit from the latest research and expertise from our globally-recognised faculty across different disciplines. 

Students will also gain practical, real-world learning through hands-on projects with our industry partners.  

MSc Global Health Management aims to equip future leaders with a new set of skills to shape the agenda, take on challenging global roles in healthcare, and thrive in the complexities of future health ecosystems. 

Career goals for students on each concentration could include roles like:   

  • Management: Management roles within the NHS or in private healthcare settings, government departments, international organisations and NGOs; management consulting; management, strategy or market access roles in pharmaceutical and biotech companies.  

  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Medical, health, or social entrepreneur; innovation consultants; or business development managers.

  • Economics & Data Science: Data or information analyst roles within a health system; healthcare consultant; analytical and technical roles in international organisations, government departments, or NGOs; health policy analysts; health economics roles in technology or pharmaceutical industries; or data scientists in the health sector. 

“We invite those who aspire to make a meaningful difference – individuals driven to lead, manage, and mitigate health concerns on a global scale. It's an opportunity to stand at the forefront of addressing the pressing global health challenges of our time.”