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We’re pleased to welcome the Global Online MBA 2022-24 cohort to Imperial College Business School. The online, part-time format MBA programme means that students can become part of the Business School community from anywhere in the world. So, with 90 students joining us in September 2022, and 101 in January 2023, it’s set to be an exciting two years on the path to completing their MBA! 

With some of the best technology in education, developed by our Edtech Lab, at our disposal, the Global Online MBA delivers an exceptional online learning experience. Ranked #2 in the world in the Financial Times Online MBA Rankings 2022, we are proud to provide our students with the same high-quality teaching that they would receive if they were on-campus. 

Global Online MBA students are impressive to say the least. The part-time format means that our students have taken on the challenge of developing their skillset while usually continuing to work in their demanding full-time roles. This takes hard work and dedication but will result in a great reward and sense of achievement upon graduation. 


What does the new class look like? 

The composition of a class has a great impact on the student experience, so bringing together a mix of cultures, backgrounds, and professional experience is a priority. The 2022-24 cohort of the Global Online MBA is no exception – the 191 students in the class represent 54 nationalities. 

These motivated individuals bring an average of 11 years of work experience spanning across a wide range of industries including tech, banking/finance and energy. Students with STEM backgrounds often come to Imperial to take advantage of the close relationship that the Business School has with Imperial College London. Our MBA students often work with the Enterprise Lab to develop their start-up idea, take part in accelerators, and get support on funding. 

Meet the GMBA class 2022-24 stats
"I’m pleased to welcome the new cohort of the Global Online MBA class. The programme brings together MBA candidates from a very large number of different countries, and from a great variety of industry backgrounds. This diversity, and the fact that all candidates continue working in their demanding jobs, gives our students the opportunity to learn from one another at every step of the programme."
Academic Director, Imperial MBA

Meeting in-person on campus at induction 


While the Global Online MBA programme is predominantly online, we offer students the chance to come to campus and meet each other face-to-face at the start of the programme for induction, in addition to a second on-campus session later in the programme. 

This year’s Welcome Day saw Imperial take over Cadogan Hall and the Saatchi Gallery, located in Sloane Square. With exclusive access to the gallery while it was closed, Imperial students explored the space, watched an immersive welcome movie and participated in interactive and experiential introductions to the Business School. 

Meet the students

Juan Schettini

Juan Schettini 

Nationality: Colombian 

Current role: Mobile Equipment Maintenance Manager 




Why did you choose to study the Imperial Global Online MBA?  

Being part of the Imperial Global Online MBA programme is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in my life, and essential step to keep advancing in my career. I am sure this programme will give me the necessary foundations to progress to the corporate strategic level, where my decisions may affect the world positively and change it for the better.  

In addition to the contributions to my future career aspirations, I chose the Imperial Global Online MBA because it offers a balanced programme that combines the latest business thinking with cutting-edge technological knowledge and develops creative thinking, innovation, and an entrepreneurial mindset in its students. I really enjoy the global character of the programme where people from different countries and backgrounds contribute with their different perspectives and fresh ideas to understand the current business challenges and how to approach them. Moreover, I highly value how this Global Online MBA offers online classes and part-time study through The Hub, allowing me to study at my own pace from home. This last aspect is crucial for me since I work full-time in a coal mine where travelling is a constraint and I have a big family to care for. This online MBA gives me the time I need to excel academically without compromising my work performance and family life. 


How do plan to juggle work, life and your studies?  

First and foremost, it is critical to classify and schedule all the activities wisely to set aside time for family, MBA commitments, social activities, and leisure. I use the urgent-important matrix to identify and prioritise the activities I can plan, delegate, eliminate, and do. Once these activities are listed and scheduled, I synchronise them into a single calendar. Equally important is to be aware of notifications to stay on top of tasks.  I schedule three hours per day for academic activities, meaning I need to get up one hour earlier in the morning, spend one hour at work while taking advantage of coffee and lunch breaks, and one hour when I get home after spending quality time with my family.  

An MBA is a significant commitment, not only for me but also for my family. Making them feel like they are a part of this journey by celebrating every step forward and achievement together is a crucial way to have fun. I prioritise my tasks so I can complete those that are due in the short term without losing sight of those that are due in the long run, avoiding last-minute submissions because of the high-stress levels they cause. Since I have only 24 hours a day and my days are busy, I have learned to say no and decline certain activities and invitations that do not fall into my urgent and important category.  

Ore Onabowale

Ore Onabowale 

Nationality: Nigerian 

Current Role: Operations Finance Leadership Program, General Electric 




Why did you choose to study the Imperial Global Online MBA?  

I've always had a soft spot for studying the UK. Imperial offers the best online MBA programme and that made it a very easy sell. There is never a good time to go back to school, but the programme offers much flexibility and support. There is special consideration for time zone difference and the busy schedules of its cohort. I was also fortunate the receive the Women in Business scholarship and support from my employer. This was the extra boost I need to enrol for the programme. Imperial also gives the opportunity to pay the self-funded piece in instalments. The best part of Imperial is its people. Meeting the staff, alumni and students during the kick off was a life changing experience and I look forward to an incredible ride over the next two years. 

Can you tell us about your syndicate team? 

My syndicate team is a very diverse group of six based in North America. Most of us were able to meet in-person at the kick-off in London which was great for the initial team bonding. We got together to have quick chat over drinks, but it ended up being a four-hour long conversation that only ended because it started raining! My syndicate team has been amazing so far - with the right balance of youthful energy, focus, creativity and a can-do attitude. Everyone brings a unique strength to the table, and this has proved very useful with our group work which happens is a large percentage of our overall grade. 

Kathy Lau

Kathy Lau 

Nationality: Hong Kong 

Current Role: International Growth Consultant, Google 




Why did you choose to study the Imperial Global Online MBA? 

I believe technology can make virtual learning as effective as in-person, and Imperial is a pioneer in providing such an engaging MBA program to fuel career growth for students all over the world. I also like how Imperial creates different on-campus opportunities such as induction week and the capstone module for the cohort to collaborate. I’m grateful to have taken the part-time study as I can instantly apply the learnings into my job practically and I look forward to growing further in my career with the network and inspiration I gain from Imperial. 


Which modules/electives are you most looking forward to? 

I’m most looking forward to the Entrepreneurship & Innovation electives in one of the international campuses. I’m keen to explore entrepreneurship and equip myself with the skills to embark on this journey confidently. The glocal electives provide site visit opportunities at local start-ups and we can apply the classroom knowledge to analyse different global problems with a local lens. It would also be an interesting experience to discuss topics around the latest digital technologies with people who share the same interests to inspire each other. 

Juan Pommarez Tarradas

Juan Pommarez Tarradas  

Nationality: Spanish 

Current Role: BDS Manager, Associate Partner in Foster + Partners




Why did you choose to study the Imperial Global Online MBA?  

Imperial College Business School represents the values and prestige I was looking for to continue advancing my studies. The Global Online MBA programme allows me to balance my professional development and family life, while having the experience of an MBA programme in the city in which I live. One of the reasons I decided to study this programme is the diversity of the cohort. To be part of such a diverse and global team is a great advantage of the MBA journey.  


How was your induction week in London?  

The induction week in London was an eye-opening experience. Meeting the class and sharing a week with the tutors, programme organizers and the Dean was a fantastic opportunity. I had the best academic experience possible thanks to the quality of the Business School.  

Monica Bertram 

Nationality: American 

Current Role: Technical Program Manager 


Why did you choose to study the Imperial Global Online MBA?  

I was thrilled to join the Imperial Global Online MBA 2022-24 cohort for several reasons. First, I valued that the distant learning online format allowed me to continue advancing my professional career. I was also drawn to Imperial’s storied history in STEM research and was motivated by the opportunities to blend business and technology. Like a camera, I am motivated to widen my professional aperture. I want to look at my future engineering endeavours through a business lens. Through spaces like the Enterprise Lab, Imperial provides the skills I need to put those opportunities into focus and make them a reality.  

Additionally, the diverse nature of the global programme is incredibly unique and inspiring. My philosophy has always been to surround myself with people who inspire me to become the best version of myself. I’ve learned so much from Imperial’s world-class faculty and my talented cohort of change-makers. 


How have you found the programme so far?

I have found the programme incredibly rewarding and reinvigorating! The on-campus induction week was a stellar way to build meaningful relationships with my cohort and syndicate team. I really appreciated the induction week’s thoughtfully curated itinerary of lectures, speaker series, panel discussions, and group activities that focused on cultivating a growth mindset. One observation has been how workable it has felt to balance career, life, and programme demands each week. The programme allows me the flexibility to accommodate career and life commitments. 

Is the Global Online MBA right for you?