Global Online MBA class at Induction Week


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We’re pleased to welcome the Global Online MBA 2023-25 cohort to Imperial College Business School. The online, part-time MBA programme means that students can become part of the Business School community from anywhere in the world. 

With some of the best technology in education, developed by our Idea Lab, at our disposal, our Global Online MBA delivers an exceptional online learning experience. We are proud to provide our students with the same high-quality teaching that they would receive if they were on-campus.  

Global Online MBA students are impressive to say the least. The part-time format means that our students have taken on the challenge of developing their skillset while usually continuing to work in their demanding full-time roles. This takes hard work and dedication but will result in a great reward and sense of achievement upon graduation. 

GMBA 23-25 cohort infographic

What does the new class look like?  

The composition of a class has a great impact on the student experience, so bringing together a mix of cultures, backgrounds, and professional experience is a priority. The 2023-25 cohort of the Global Online MBA is no exception – the 159 students in the class represent 50 nationalities.  

These motivated individuals bring an average of 12 years of work experience spanning across a wide range of industries including Tech, Pharma/BioTech/Healthcare, and Engineering. Students with STEM backgrounds often come to Imperial to take advantage of the close relationship that the Business School has with Imperial College London. Our MBA students often work with the Enterprise Lab to develop their start-up idea, take part in accelerators, and get support on funding. 

"The new cohort of the Global Online MBA class is very diverse in terms of professional and educational backgrounds, and also in terms of internationality. Our programme has a cohort-based approach, meaning all the participants move through the core programme together. This provides opportunities for them to learn from one another at every step of the programme which is particularly valuable as they all work in their day jobs alongside the programme and can bring their work experience to class.” Markus Perkmann, Academic Director, Imperial MBA 


Meeting in-person on-campus at induction  

While the Global Online MBA programme is predominantly online, we offer students the chance to come to campus and meet each other face-to-face at the start of the programme for induction.  

This year’s Welcome Day saw Imperial take over the Science Museum, located next to our South Kensington campus. With exclusive access to the museum while it was closed, Imperial students explored the space, watched an immersive welcome movie and participated in interactive and experiential introductions to the Business School. 


Meet our Global Online MBA students

Daniel Rubio Sanchez

Daniel Rubio Sanchez 

Nationality: Spanish 
Current role: Senior Growth Manager, Google 




Can you share a brief overview of your professional background and the industries you've worked in?  

My career has related to the tech industry from the start. It started with an internship at Salesforce in their Madrid office and then at Google, where I was also an intern and then returned as a full-time employee after finishing my undergraduate degree. I’ve had multiple roles at Google, but they have all been within the areas of digital strategy, marketing and growth.  

My first roles were based in Dublin (Ireland), where our EMEA headquarters are located. Most recently, I transferred to New York for a new client-facing role, and I plan to continue developing my career here. One thing I really like about my role is that I get to work with multiple partners, learn about their business and bring the Google magic to accelerate their growth. We usually work with high potential partners and build plans to scale their business with our tools. It’s fascinating to see the impact AI can have in the success of SMEs and startups and how smaller companies can challenge big players when they do things right. 

What do you hope to learn or achieve during your time in the Global Online MBA programme?  

When I first considered doing the Global Online MBA, I set two main goals. First, to invest in my own development by shifting the focus from growing responsibilities within the company to building the skills I will need for the next 3-5 years. It is not a requirement to have an MBA to advance your career at Google, but the type of skills you need to succeed in more senior roles are different from those that help you get promoted when you are more junior. 

 My second goal is more connected to my day-to-day. I want to develop my own leadership style, being able to influence without authority and prepare for future people management roles. I am among the youngest peers in my cohort, and it is a great opportunity to learn directly from peers who have already faced challenging situations as leaders of their companies or business units. Those learnings are invaluable and really complement the coursework. 

How have you found the collaboration of business and technology at the Business School? 

Imperial brings together the best from both disciplines and offers something different from what other traditional business schools propose. Of course, the Global Online MBA programme covers the fundamentals of Economics, Finance, Strategy or Marketing, but also offers the possibility of learning how to code, getting up to speed with AI innovations, or even sharing electives with students from other programmes with different backgrounds.  

Beyond the coursework, I also see a lot of activities going on (both online and on campus). From events organised by the student clubs to company presentations or workshops to tailor your resume for a specific industry. Last week, for example, I had my CV analysed by an AI tool that helps you make some tweaks for your specific sector and include relevant words to maximise your chances of landing an interview. This is part of your experience. The technology is everywhere. 

Ukachi Carol Okere

Ukachi Carol Okere 

Nationality: Nigerian 
Current role: Manager, Continuous Improvement, Standard Chartered Bank, Nigeria 




What motivated you to pursue the Global Online MBA, and what are your career goals after completing the programme?  

My primary motivation for pursuing an MBA is to advance my career. At this stage, I need to supplement my years of experience with the necessary knowledge and certification to compete globally. When evaluating my achievements against my personal goals in health, finances, career, and relationships at the end of 2022, I realised that I needed to bridge the gap between where I am and my career aspirations. After careful consideration, I decided that pursuing an MBA is the propeller I need. My personal SWOT analysis also uncovered the need to pursue an MBA. 

Additionally, as part of my branding strategy, getting an MBA at Imperial College Business School is crucial to differentiate myself in a highly competitive organisation like Standard Chartered Bank, with over 85,000 exceptional employees worldwide. The stakes are high, and I must compete favourably to achieve my career ambitions. 

Can you share a brief overview of your professional background and the industries you've worked in? 

I am a Microbiologist turned Chartered Banker. I stumbled into banking and stayed because I loved it. My journey began with a one-year National Youth Service attachment at Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company Limited (SNEPCO), where I worked with the Health and Safety department. This experience opened my eyes to the corporate work structure and led me on a path that would shape my career in several ways.  

I then worked as a pioneer in an Information Technology company, Zinox Technologies Limited, where I was employed as a Customer Service Representative. Working at a start-up company meant I was able to expand my role and try pretty much everything. I opened and managed a showroom, worked with the sales team, and proposed and deployed a credit facility for co-operatives and companies that purchased our products. This experience made me fearless and willing to take on challenges with a can-do attitude, which I have carried on to this day.  

A little over a year later, I moved to banking for a more formal organisational structure, like the one I had experienced at SNEPCO. After a short stint with two Nigerian banks, I joined Standard Chartered Bank, Nigeria, where I have worked for the last fourteen and a half years. I held different roles within customer service and relationship management in our individual banking segments before transitioning to the process improvement team, which I have headed for the last four years.  

My journey has been one of growth, learning, and perseverance. I have post-university work experience of 22 years, 21 of which is in banking, spanning different functions. I have significant industry experience gained from my various roles and volunteering activities. I am also an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria. 

What motivated you to choose online education at Imperial College Business School?  

First and foremost, given the stage of my career, I could not take a year off work to pursue further studies. Hence, online education was more realistic. Additionally, I wanted a school within my time zone, renowned for its academic rigour and excellence, that maintains high academic standards and offers a diverse range of programmes designed to provide a comprehensive education. Imperial College Business School was an obvious choice. I was also drawn to the school because of its student diversity, innovation and technology focus, and extensive alumni network. 

Adanna Chukwuma

Adanna Chukwuma 

Nationality: Nigerian 
Current role: Senior Director, Global Impact Measurement, Visa Inc 





What motivated you to pursue an MBA, and what are your career goals after completing the programme?  

At the time I decided to pursue an MBA, I had spent over a decade following my graduation as a doctor working in global health and international development. My work had taken me to clinics, government board rooms, and health insurance funds in Europe, Africa, and Asia, and I was privileged to have led and supported large-scale reforms in several countries driving better health outcomes. However, all my prior experience had been in the public sector, and I was interested in also contributing to conversations within the private sector on driving towards positive societal impact.  

Understanding subjects like corporate finance, strategy, and organisational behaviour expands my ability to engage effectively in conversations on impact investing as someone who understands both impact and the intricacies of business operations and financial decision-making. I also made the jump to the private sector in the interim and aim to continue working in the impact investing space in the medium-term.  

The Global Online MBA programme at Imperial College Business School is one of the highest-ranked in the world and now that I have joined my cohort, it is clear why. This programme is not retrofitted for an online platform, it was built from the ground up to ensure learning is maximised, content is tailored to the experienced professional, and the platform supports learning at a distance, with opportunities to participate in-person. 

What do you hope to learn or achieve during your time in the Global Online MBA programme? 

I am excited about immersing myself in the world of corporate finance, organisational behaviour, and strategy, all offerings in this excellent programme. The skills I will acquire and my ability to speak that language will make me more effective as an intrapreneur – and change driver – within my organisation and the broader field of impact measurement. One very important result of this programme will also be the connections I build with students and faculty. I have found this to be the case in my prior degree programmes and I am excited about the connections I have made so far.