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Last week marked the exciting launch of our new BSc Economics, Finance and Data Science, and we couldn’t be happier to greet the first student class for this course. This is a one-of-a-kind degree, for analytical thinkers, future economists, business leaders and financiers who aspire for global impact. Their journey on this cutting-edge course starts now. 

"The lecturers have been incredibly welcoming and informative. I feel really settled already as part of the community of the course!" - Jiali Huang, BSc Economics, Finance, and Data Science. 

Discover Imperial Fair and Welcome Fair highlights 

Students attended the ‘Discover Imperial Fair’, at the Queen’s Tower Rooms where they could meet the extensive support services available on campus and learn more about these, such as the Alumni, Library Services and Careers teams.  

The Imperial College Welcome Fair was yet another noteworthy event that showcased our encouragement of extracurricular involvement. Joining clubs and societies fosters social connections and personal growth. The wide range of options available at the fair allowed students to explore and discover their niche, whether it be in sports, arts, culture, or other areas of interest.

Discover imperial fair
Discover Imperial Fair Garden Club Stand
Imperial hockey club stand at fair

Course kick-off: meeting the Programme staff 

During the week, students met their programme staff. The ice breaker activity that followed this meeting not only added a fun and interactive dimension to the students' introduction to their course, but also played a significant role in building rapport among their classmates.  

Our new students received a special welcome address from Imperial College London President,  Professor Hugh Brady, as well as senior leaders from the Business School, including Franklin Allen, Interim Dean of Imperial College Business School and Leila Guerra Vice-Dean (Education).

“The staff are devoted to providing us with every opportunity to excel.” - Mahammad Ahmadli, BSc Economics, Finance, and Data Science 

Introducing support services 

On Tuesday, there was a Pastoral & Careers support session. Such sessions can be invaluable for students, offering a platform to discuss any concerns, seek advice on academic or career matters, and create a sense of community within the student body. This was followed by a talk on staying safe in London reflecting Imperial's commitment to ensuring that students feel secure and comfortable within their new environment.  

Nurturing a Sustainable Future: Climate Workshop at Scale Space 

On Thursday we welcomed our students to Scale Space, our White City Campus where students participated in a ClimateFresk workshop, designed to immerse themselves in the critical issue of climate change and its profound effects on our planet.  

In groups, students delved deep into the causes and far-reaching impacts of this global challenge. This hands-on approach not only allowed students to expand their knowledge but also provided a platform for open group discussion and brainstorming, nurturing a sense of shared responsibility and collective action. Shortly after this, Alyssa Gilbert, Director of Innovation, Grantham Institute for Climate Change, gave a talk about how the Granthan Institute at Imperial is leading world class research and innovative solutions.  

Students writing on poster
Students standing next to BSc screen
Students working together on group exercise

A campus wide scavenger hunt 

Throughout the week, students engaged in a campus-wide scavenger hunt to become acquainted with the various campus facilities and resources they will be utilising throughout their academic journey. This entailed deciphering places to discover on campus, followed by capturing a group photograph at each correct location. Prizes were awarded for best pictures, and it was a valuable experience for getting acquainted with the campus and forging connections with fellow students. 

Social highlights: UV Neon Party, comedy night and Welcome Ball 

Numerous social activities were scheduled for our students in the evenings, providing opportunities to meet new people and connect with their cohort. Tuesday brought an exciting comedy night at the Student Union, filled with laughter and fun. Additionally, our students enjoyed a vibrant UV Neon Party that added a colourful twist to the week's activities. Finally, the grand finale of our welcoming festivities was the Welcome Ball held on Friday night, bringing glamour to our campus.  

“It has been a really warm welcome to the course, and it has allowed me to have a balance of university and social life.” - a BSc Economics, Finance, and Data Science student.  

Students drinking coffee together

It was fantastic week, welcoming our undergraduate students at the South Kensington Campus and the successful launch of the BSc Economics, Finance, and Data Science course has truly set the tone for a promising academic year. We look forward to seeing the academic achievements, contributions to our community, and the positive impact our new students will have.   

Financial times advert
Each student received a copy of the Financial Time