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The Imperial Global Online MBA Women’s Scholarships are awarded to women showing exceptional academic achievement and professional excellence, as well as a commitment to supporting women in business.

Shauna Maguire, Global Online MBA shares her experience achieving this scholarship, what it means to her and her advice for prospective students.

Company: SVP Commercial Negotiation & Execution, SMBC Aviation Capital 

Nationality: Irish 

Scholarship received: The Women’s Scholarship

How did it feel when you found out you’d secured this scholarship? 

I was absolutely delighted when I learned I had secured the Women’s Scholarship. I have been planning to pursue an MBA at Imperial College Business School for several years now and so, when I discovered that not only had I secured my place on the course but had also been awarded this scholarship, I felt grateful and truly excited to start on this new journey.  

What motivated you to apply for this scholarship at Imperial College Business School? 

I initially qualified as a lawyer and then transitioned to a commercial role in the aviation industry; both the legal and aviation industries are still some way off achieving parity of representation for women at senior levels and so, throughout my career, I have been keen to explore how best to attract and retain female talent within these industries. When it came to applying for my MBA at Imperial College Business School, I was keen to continue my commitment to women’s issues and I felt the Women’s Scholarship was the perfect way to advance that aspiration. 

What does this scholarship mean to you in terms of your academic and personal goals? 

This scholarship has boosted my opportunity to commence my journey in the world of business academia, which I believe will provide me with a sound basis of understanding across a broad gamut of business topics. This I see as key to my future success in a commercial role. On a personal level, the scholarship has enabled me to realise my ambition of pursuing a truly global MBA programme with a cohort that is diverse in terms of both location and business background. It has also given me the opportunity to attend a world class university that puts the student at the centre of the academic experience.  

What advice would you give to students who are aspiring to earn a scholarship? 

Reflect on your skills and experience and apply for the scholarships where you feel you have the best chance of success and that you believe reflect your values. Whilst some of the scholarships are more general in nature, others have a specific focus (e.g. leadership, diversity etc.) and so, I would encourage all students to consider what is the best fit for them. As scholarships are typically awarded early in the process, my advice to future students would be to apply for your course at Imperial College Business School as early as possible.