Rishabh Shanbhag


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Rishabh Shanbhag, a Full-Time MBA Student, shares his journey to achieving two scholarships at Imperial College Business School. 

Education: Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences and Technology from The Pennsylvania State University (2018) 

Nationality: Indian 

Scholarships received: Dean’s Impact Scholarship and the Imperial Excellence Scholarship 

How did it feel when you found out you’d secured these scholarships? 

I was already absolutely thrilled to embark on my MBA journey at Imperial College Business School; the Business School is well-reputed for fostering innovation and excellence, and the prospect of being a part of this esteemed institution was a dream come true. I was elated to receive the prestigious Imperial Dean's Impact Scholarship as it was a validation of my hard work, dedication, and potential. I felt deeply honoured and humbled to have been chosen for this incredible opportunity. 

Additionally, I was grateful for the recognition of my achievements with Imperial's Excellence Scholarship, it highlighted the Business School's unwavering trust in me and my potential. The scholarship motivates me to continue striving for excellence knowing that my efforts, struggles, and achievements have been recognised and rewarded.  

What motivated you to apply for the Dean's Impact Scholarship?

As an international student with a diverse background, I have had the privilege of studying, working and living in two different countries and travelling across ten more.  

I was motivated to apply for the scholarship because I saw it as a unique opportunity to further my education in an institution that values innovation, diversity and the potential to make a meaningful difference.  

I felt that my global perspective coupled with my vision to benefit business and improve society through the power of innovative thinking aligned with that of Imperial. Hence, I felt I would be a good fit for this scholarship. It was not just about the financial aid but about being part of a community that shared my values and goals. 

What do these scholarships mean to you in terms of your academic and personal goals? 

Since a young age, technology fascinated me, leading me to pursue my undergraduate degree in the field of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State University in the US. As a teenager, I developed a web-based alternative to Apple’s AppStore along with software tweaks for iOS devices which received over 10,000 downloads and led me to be featured in various news publications such as the Forbes US magazine.  

Presently, I am on my journey to transition into an entrepreneurial role by pursuing a Full-Time MBA. As a self-funded student, this scholarship holds immense value to me. It would assist in backing my MBA, allowing me to leverage my savings from my time at Deloitte Consulting in the US to develop proprietary fintech software. 

What advice would you give to applicants who are aspiring to earn a scholarship? 

My biggest advice to aspiring scholarship candidates is to embrace a mindset of growth and exploration. Getting out of your comfort zone is vital, by actively engaging in various activities, participating and networking within your community. It is also essential to start early by researching scholarships that align with your academic and personal interests while keeping deadlines in mind.  

I would advise aspiring students to stay true to themselves and their goals. They should pursue what genuinely inspires them because their passion will fuel their efforts and allow them to effectively share their vision with others. 

If you are interested in learning more about our scholarships and are considering applying, please follow the link below.