Students networking and chatting at the Science Museum


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Imperial College Business School hosted a special evening at the Science Museum to welcome students on the new BSc Economics, Finance and Data Science course to our Business School community. This is a one-of-a-kind degree, for analytical thinkers, future economists, business leaders and financiers who aspire to make a global impact. Their journey on this cutting-edge course starts now.   

Ginevra Barattolo Ricci Saraceni, a BSc Economics, Finance and Data Science student shares her first impressions of the course and her key highlights of this event.  

About me and why I chose this course 

My name is Ginevra and I come from Italy. Besides being interested in the world of finance, I have a creative mind which fuels my passion for art. Particularly, photography is my favourite form of expression as it allows me to capture the tiniest details and small things in life which is what I value the most. 

I chose to study BSc Economics, Finance and Data Science at Imperial College Business School, as this is a unique course. It combines what I believe are the three core business areas that will enable me to understand how our world works so that I can change it for the better. I want to make an impact. 

I feel very lucky and proud of myself for being part of the first cohort on this course. I always like a challenge, and this is a perfect and unique opportunity to give this journey the best version of myself. 

BSc students at the Science Museum

Studying in London 

London is an amazing city providing me with so many options for having fun and doing well in my degree. I love studying in cafés with my friends, visiting art museums and going to unique clubs on the weekends. London is the city where the cuisines of every country in the world meet in one place which allowed me to learn that my favourite food is not pasta, but falafel! 

BSc students at the Science Museum

My highlights of the welcome event at the Science Museum 

The highlights of this event in my opinion include a range of unique opportunities. First, the possibility to gather students, staff, and professors in the same room allowed us to network one-on-one and in groups. Additionally, the speeches given at the start of the event about AI was very captivating and really unravelled all the reasons why this course is so interesting. Finally, being in the Science Museum as well as looking at the beautiful view of London at night created a very nice and elevating atmosphere.  

 This event was crucial for me to understand the importance of studying Data Science as part of my course connecting it to the very objective of AI: creating a world where we can use AI without reducing human presence so using it in a way that still promotes human interaction.

BSc students at the Science Museum
BSc students at the Science Museum
BSc students at the Science Museum

Our BSc Economics, Finance and Data Science students will get to experience brand new modules that have been created specifically for their course, plus several different workshops on offer, designed to aid them in their transition to university. We’ve been working hard in the lead up to the launch of this course, and it’s already been such a pleasure getting to know them all. I’m certainly looking forward to guiding them through their academic journey and watching them blossom over the next 3 years.” - Demi Rice, Programme Manager of BSc Economics, Finance and Data Science.