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Embarking on the journey of Imperial’s Weekend MBA was a strategic decision for Olumide Akintunde, who successfully completed the programme last year. In this blog, he unravels the reasons behind his choice, delving into the programme's unique offerings that became personal highlights. From the invaluable career support to the exceptional Imperial faculty, and the networking opportunities provided, Akintunde provides a firsthand account of his transformative experience. Beyond the classroom, he sheds light on the real-life applications of the knowledge gained and the organisation skills honed while effectively managing his studies alongside a full-time job. Olumide concludes by sharing his advice to those considering Imperial’s Weekend MBA.  

Nationality: Nigerian 

Education: Babcock University, BA History and International Studies & University of Reading, MSc, Applied International Development 

Company and role: GSMA, Project Manager 

My motivations for studying Imperial’s Weekend MBA 

I embarked on the Weekend MBA journey to deepen my understanding of key business concepts and strategies, particularly in operations, strategy, financial management, and leadership. This decision stemmed from my pivotal role in leading a sell-side transaction for a hospital in Nigeria positioning it for future growth, which highlighted the need for advanced business knowledge.  

I chose Imperial College Business School’s Weekend MBA for its renowned faculty, diverse student body, and robust curriculum that aligns perfectly with my career goals and being a leading institution with commitments to pioneering research and innovation at the intersection of science, engineering, medicine, and business. 

How the Weekend MBA aligned with my career goals 

Imperial’s Weekend MBA provided me with the opportunity to enhance my business knowledge and leadership skills, crucial for transitioning from the non-profit sector to for-profit ventures with interests in sustainability strategy, business and digital transformation. It equipped me with the knowledge and tools necessary to drive strategic growth initiatives, manage complex projects, and navigate dynamic business environments effectively. 

The Weekend MBA at Imperial College Business School is designed to accommodate busy professionals, offering a flexible schedule that allows me to balance work, personal life, and studies effectively.

The structure of Imperial’s Weekend MBA  

The Weekend MBA programme at Imperial College Business School is designed to accommodate busy professionals, offering a flexible schedule that allows me to balance work, personal life, and studies effectively.  

It comprises a series of core modules covering essential business topics, supplemented by a vast array of elective courses and practical projects tailored to suit individual career aspirations with teachings taking place one weekend per month. The programme also emphasises experiential learning, with networking opportunities, real-world application of classroom knowledge, mentorship, and exchange programmes in different parts of the world making the experience truly global. 

Applying what I have learned to the real world 

Throughout the programme, I've applied theoretical concepts and strategic frameworks learned in the classroom to my professional role, particularly in project management, financial analysis, and strategic planning. For instance, in a technology project, I integrated project management agile methodology with design thinking concepts, fostering a dynamic and innovative approach to problem-solving and project execution. This fusion not only streamlined tasks but also significantly enhanced the efficiency of project delivery, ultimately leading to improved project outcomes. 

Imperial’s Faculty 

The faculty at Imperial College Business School are exceptionally knowledgeable, diverse, engaging, and supportive, providing valuable insights and guidance throughout the programme. The resources available, including state-of-the-art facilities like multi-modal classrooms, online learning platforms, and access to industry experts, have been instrumental in enriching my learning experience and facilitating academic success. 

Weekend MBA cohort 2022-23
Weekend MBA cohort 2022-23

Networking opportunities  

The programme boasts of a vibrant community of individuals from diverse professional backgrounds, offering ample opportunities for networking and collaboration within the Weekend MBA cohort, the wider MBA suite and the Business School community with both current students and alumni. Through group projects, workshops, and extracurricular activities, I've had the privilege of connecting with peers from various industries and building lasting relationships with industry professionals. As a result, I’ve cultivated a robust professional network that transcends the confines of the classroom, enriching my learning journey and offering invaluable support in my professional endeavours.  

Career support 

Imperial's Career Team provide comprehensive support and resources to enhance my professional development and career advancement. From personalised career coaching and industry-specific workshops to networking events and internship opportunities, the career services team equipped me with the tools and guidance needed to achieve my career goals and transition into new roles and industries. It is indeed a journey to self-discovery while exploring the topic of leadership- in the ‘interview a leader’ task, where I delved into the nuances of leadership, drawing inspiration from a seasoned leader in the corporate world. This holistic approach to career development fostered not only skill development but also a profound sense of purpose and direction as I charted my path forward.  

The faculty at Imperial College Business School are exceptionally knowledgeable, diverse, engaging, and supportive, providing valuable insights and guidance throughout the programme.

Work-life balance 

Balancing the demands of work, personal life, and the Weekend MBA programme required effective time management, prioritisation, and unparalleled levels of discipline. I leveraged organisational tools, established clear goals and deadlines, and maintained open communication with my employer, family, and classmates to ensure I not only meet but exceeded my obligations in all facets of my life. This delicate balance fuelled my productivity and ensured that I am fully present and engaged in every aspect of the programme. 

Challenges I faced along the way 

Navigating the rigorous academic curriculum alongside professional responsibilities has been challenging at times, requiring resilience and perseverance. However, overcoming these challenges has been incredibly rewarding, as each milestone and accomplishment brings me closer to achieving my academic and career aspirations. The opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios and collaborate with talented peers has been particularly fulfilling in addition to building and expanding my network. 

My advice to applicants 

To those contemplating Imperial's Weekend MBA programme, I would encourage you to embrace the journey with open arms, immersing yourself in the abundance of resources, expertise, and opportunities at your disposal to truly enhance your learning journey. Stay proactive in your approach, connecting with fellow students, alumni, and faculty, and grasp every chance to translate classroom theories into practical solutions for real-world dilemmas. Amidst the challenges, maintain resilience and unwavering dedication to your academic and professional advancement, knowing that the invaluable skills and insights gained will pave the way for success in your career aspirations. Remember, the rewards far outweigh the challenges in the grand scheme of things.