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Sankar Venkataraman Murali is a student studying MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management at Imperial College Business School. In this blog, Sankar shares their motivations for studying the programme, opportunities for furthering skills in innovation and leadership, and how it's shaping them into a future entrepreneur. 

I am grateful for the myriad opportunities at Imperial College Business School. From assuming leadership roles to triumphing in innovation competitions, each step has enriched my personal and professional growth. Sankar Venkataraman Murali

About Me 

I am an aspiring social entrepreneur and sustainability advocate, currently pursuing MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management at Imperial College Business School. My prior experiences, including leading projects like Project Zaraat and founding Career Wings, have endowed me with a versatile skill set in operations, content creation, and business innovation. These projects have significantly contributed to my professional development and personal growth, strengthening my commitment to effecting positive change in society and the environment. 

Why I chose to study MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management  

They say love at first sight isn't a myth, and I can attest to that. It happened to me twice (don't ask about the first time), with the second occurring when I discovered the course offerings at Imperial College Business School. Words like "Innovation," "Entrepreneurship," and "Management" seemed to leap off the screen, resonating with my passions and identity. These concepts have always sparked my excitement and naturally drew me to the diverse skills encompassed by these topics. 

Choosing Imperial College Business School was an easy decision. The institution's reputation for providing abundant opportunities and exposure, combined with the chance to immerse myself in various entrepreneurship clubs and societies, was irresistible. The opportunity to study, learn, and grow alongside students and professors from around the world was incredibly appealing. Having been deeply involved in social entrepreneurship for the past three years, I aimed to continue this journey at Imperial, seeking to collaborate on business ideas that benefit society, create a positive impact, and address significant challenges. 

Sankar Venkataraman Murali presenting
Sankar Venkataraman Murali presenting

Clubs, societies and leadership 

Upon arriving at Imperial, I began seeking opportunities and experiences to engage with. I joined clubs and societies such as the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Club, Consulting Club, and Climate Entrepreneurs Club. I was elected Career Leader for my cohort, marking the beginning of my active contribution to the Imperial community in this role. As a Careers Leader on the Staff Student Committee (SSC), I was tasked with guiding over 90 peers through the maze of career opportunities and events, advocating for their career-related interests. This role proved both challenging and rewarding, allowing me to enhance the student experience and contribute to their professional growth. 

Another significant milestone was being selected as the Vice President of Sustainability for the Dean's Student Advisory Council (DSAC). In this role, I was entrusted with spearheading sustainability initiatives, driving environmental awareness, and integrating sustainable practices into the School's ethos. I aim to leave a legacy of environmental stewardship and responsible business practices. I also established a Sustainability Committee, and we recently received the Community Fund to organise a new event at the Business School, focused on creating a Green Guide for incoming students at the university. 

Innovative victories and sustainable solutions 

A highlight of my time at Imperial was our team's victory in the VeChain x EasyA x University of Cambridge Hackathon. Competing against 21 teams from across the UK, our project, LogiQ, a decentralised application designed to revolutionise freight sharing in road logistics, emerged victorious. This victory was not just a celebration of our innovative solution but also a testament to the power of collaboration, diverse skill sets, and a shared vision. 

Additionally, I have been actively involved in the Pre Climate Accelerator at the Climate Entrepreneurs Club, where my team is developing VeguVault, a vending machine that dispenses fresh greens grown via soilless vertical farming. This system ensures produce is kept in nutrient-rich water and harvested only when purchased, guaranteeing maximum freshness. The produce is stored in a climate-controlled environment, optimising preservation and nutritional value. This innovative approach aims to enhance urban access to fresh, sustainable produce while minimising food waste. 

Sankar Venkataraman Murali at the Natural History Museum winter party
Sankar at the Natural History Museum winter oarty

Looking forward 

As the summer term approaches, I am filled with anticipation about developing my business startup, leveraging the extensive knowledge and insights gained from modules such as Venture Capital and Growth Finance, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation Management, and Design Thinking for Innovation and Impact, among others. My involvement in various clubs, workshops at the Imperial Enterprise Lab, and participation in business clubs and hackathons have prepared me for this moment. I have attended events such as the London Venture Crawl and masterclasses on topics such as “How to Pitch” and “How to Find Your First Customer.” I am excited to apply these theories and concepts in a real-world context, aiming to make a tangible impact through my venture. 

Reflecting on my journey, I am grateful for the myriad opportunities at Imperial College Business School. From assuming leadership roles to triumphing in innovation competitions, each step has enriched my personal and professional growth. These experiences have brought me closer to becoming the entrepreneurial leader I aspire to be, instilling a commitment to leveraging innovation for a better, more sustainable world. This journey of love, challenges, and achievements continues, marking a path of learning, impact, and transformation.