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Why I chose to study on the Global Online MBA programme at Imperial College Business School

I have a background in fashion design and have spent the past fifteen years working in research and development for luxury and mass retailers. As a concept designer, my role has consisted of forecasting and finding innovative opportunities for corporate retailers. I chose Imperial's Global Online MBA programme for three reasons.

Firstly, the fashion industry is changing, and the role of creatives is too! Improving my business acumen and understanding of sustainability and the triple bottom line is imperative to my growth and the evolution of fashion. The programme and Imperial's clubs have granted me countless opportunities to explore the links between product, marketing, and finance in fashion retail. To my surprise, each course I have taken has included retail case studies, allowing me to delve into the many facets of fashion.

Secondly, I have worked in five countries and value diversity and perspective. Imperial's Global Online MBA has students from 62 nationalities, strengthening our cohort's experience and making discussions more interesting. I am grateful and excited to be surrounded by compelling minds from all over the world!

Lastly, science is a big part of fashion. The most fascinating developments in fashion and retail link to science and tech. As Imperial is a STEM school, I felt that this is the right time for a fashion designer to be in this environment.

Managing the Global Online MBA and a full-time job

As I am based in London, and my team is in Tokyo, my role requires extensive international travel, and I often have meetings at all hours. Although this programme is demanding, our professors ensure that we know how many hours we are expected to study each week and provide clarity on deadlines ahead of time. As a result, I have been able to organize my schedule throughout the MBA programme, making the impact of the MBA on my work-life balance more manageable.

Despite any limitations, you make the most of every day! Whether working in Tokyo, London, Paris or New York City, the programme is organised so that I can attend classes at reasonable hours regardless of the time zone. I have had the pleasure of teaming up and socialising with classmates on six continents, which broadened my network and enriched my life. However, it is essential to note that Imperial ensures our primary syndicate groups are based in similar time zones, which helped us all manage our time and schedule collectively.

Why choose the Global Online MBA programme at Imperial?

Doing an MBA is introspective, but the Global Online MBA is united by the commonality that we would like to improve and grow within an international environment from the comfort of our own surroundings. The programme is flexible in length (21, 24, or 32 months) and has an impressive variety of electives you can attend on or off campus. So, if your job requires you to travel, or you have children and need some flexibility, this could be the MBA for you! 

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