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Duration: 5 days (on-campus)
Programme dates:

3 -
Imperial College Business School, London, SW7 2AZ, UK
Fees: £6,950

Programme overview

In the 21st century, healthcare is experiencing a profound shift towards a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing, transcending the conventional boundaries of ‘sick care.’ Such evolving landscape is driven by technological advances and a growing demand for more personalised care and support. 

As the healthcare ecosystem evolves, staying at the forefront has never been more critical. The future of industries serving healthcare hinges on our collective ability to harness innovation, adapt to emerging and disruptive technologies, navigate complex regulatory frameworks, and reshape organisational cultures to meet the changing needs of individuals and populations. 

Leading Systemic Innovation in Healthcare executive education programme is a five-day programme designed to empower healthcare provider executives, policymakers, and industry leaders with the knowledge, skills, and insights needed to lead and thrive in this ever-evolving landscape. 

Throughout the programme, you will have the opportunity to delve into and dissect critical themes such as systemic innovation, healthcare policies and regulations, technological trends, leadership and culture for innovation, and practical implementation strategies. 

Leading Systemic Innovation in Healthcare represents an extraordinary journey that embraces a broader, more multi-faceted perspective on healthcare, where innovation, personalised and functional medicine, and systems thinking converge to redefine the field.  

Embark on a transformative journey that will redefine your perspective on healthcare innovation. Build your knowledge across healthcare domains, leadership skills, and practical applications, preparing you to lead meaningful innovation within your organisation.

Who should attend?

Leading Systemic Innovation in Healthcare is designed for healthcare provider executives, policymakers, and industry leaders from all areas of the healthcare value chain, such as pharma, medtech, and IT, who are influential in the sector's innovation.   

This healthcare executive education programme will guide you towards greater innovative and entrepreneurial thinking to plan and deliver health services to meet emerging global needs.  

Our programme is tailored to a wide audience across the healthcare spectrum, including: 

  • Healthcare Providers who want to re-frame approaches to health and implement effective and sustainable care delivery models, positioning their institution as a leader in the healthcare revolution.   

  • Pharma/medtech organisations who seek the expertise to capitalise on rapid scientific advancements while accelerating the launch of groundbreaking products into more complex healthcare and regulatory environments. 

  • Biotech Firms interested into the latest advancements in healthcare technologies to measure impact and scale innovations effectively.  

  • Digital Health and Telehealth Platforms who want to deepen their understanding of the ethical considerations, design principles, and measurable impacts of digital health innovations.   

  • Public Health Organisations who want to implement systems thinking, behavioural change, and multi-stakeholder engagement to design and implement public health initiatives that are innovative, scalable, and impactful.  

  • Health Insurers who want to acquire strategic insights into healthcare ecosystems, business models, and regulatory changes to lead their company through healthcare’s rapidly evolving landscape.   

  • Health Policy Makers and Regulators who want to develop a multi-faceted understanding of the healthcare landscape to craft policies that foster innovation while ensuring public safety.   

  • Investors and Venture Capitalists who want to deepen their knowledge of the metrics, models, and case studies to identify the most promising and scalable healthcare innovations. 

  • Third sector and NGOs who want to gain knowledge of systems framework and tools to design effective, innovative programmes that can make a significant impact on public health.   

Learning outcomes

Throughout our programme on leading innovation in healthcare, you will develop the skills and capabilities to: 

  • Examine the principles of innovation, systemic innovation, and their vital roles in healthcare. 

  • Reframe approaches to health and care design, implementing systems-based framework and tools to your health innovation challenges. 

  • Analyse the impact of health policies and regulations on healthcare innovation and learn strategies to navigate this complex landscape to design policies that foster innovation. 

  • Identify and evaluate the impact of key technological trends on healthcare and your own business and explore how you can embrace and help to accelerate these trends.  

  • Cultivate leadership strategies and create a culture that fosters and nurtures both systemic and product/service innovation within your organisation.  

  • Develop practical strategies for implementing both systemic and product/service innovation in healthcare and identify how to measure their impacts. 

Learning journey

Leading Systemic Innovation in Healthcare is a five-day programme that unfolds through a series of immersive sessions, interactive workshops, and offsite visits, each delving deeper into key aspects of healthcare innovation. 

The programme begins by examining the broader landscape of 21st century healthcare, offering insights into future health trends. It provides a deep understanding of both systemic and product/service innovations within the healthcare sector. It then delves into the intricacies of the policy and regulatory landscape as well as investigates emerging and disruptive technological trends in next-generation medicine. The programme concludes with strategies to develop leadership and culture for innovation as well as implement innovation in healthcare and industry settings.   

Attendees will have the opportunity to network with peers and bring their own health innovation project, which will be explored and developed within the framework of our programme material.  

The core themes of our programme include: 

  • Innovation and systemic innovation in healthcare 

  • Policy and regulations in healthcare innovation 

  • Technological trends in healthcare.  

  • Leadership and culture for innovation in healthcare 

  • Implementing innovation in healthcare 

Innovation, Systemic Innovation & Systems Thinking in Healthcare

Acquire a foundational understanding of healthcare innovation. This includes emphasising the long-term future of technology-enabled healthcare and exploring the essentials of both product/service and systemic innovation.  

Introduction to critical systems thinking, a vital skill for operating effectively in complex healthcare environments. 

Sessions on day one will include: 

  • Welcome and introduction. 

  • The long-term future of healthcare in a technology-enabled 21st century 

  • The fundamentals of product/service and systemic innovation 

  • Introduction to critical systems thinking. 

Public Health, Policy, Regulations and Health Ecosystem Design in Healthcare Innovation

Delve deeper into the interplay between public health, alternative health approaches, and policy. This includes exploring the design of health ecosystems and business models and assessing the impact of regulations and policies on healthcare innovation. 

Enrich you day with an offsite visit for a practical perspective on medtech, biopharma or digital health innovation. 

Sessions on day two will include: 

  • Public health and alternative health approaches 

  • Health ecosystem and business model design 

  • The impact of health policies and regulation on healthcare innovation 

  • Offsite visit 

Technological Trends, Care Delivery Innovation, Personalised and Functional Medicine, and Mental Health

Illuminate the transformative potential of digital technologies in healthcare. Delve into the emerging fields of personalised and functional medicine, offering a comprehensive introduction to these concepts. 

Focus on the pivotal role of mental health in healthcare innovation.  

Conclude with a practical workshop where delegates apply insights to their own innovation projects. 

Sessions on day three will include: 

  • Digital transformation and care delivery innovation in healthcare 

  • The future of personalised and functional medicine 

  • Introduction to mental health 

  • Workshop: Individual health innovation projects 

Leadership, Culture for Innovation, Care Pathway Redesign, and Behaviour Change in Healthcare

Gain insights into principles and strategies for behavioural change in healthcare and how organisational culture and leadership drive innovation and care redesign.  

Dive into change management theories for cultivating a learning culture within healthcare. 

Supplement your knowledge with an offsite visit for a real-world perspective on cutting-edge innovations in medtech, biopharma or digital health innovation. 

Sessions on day four will include: 

  • Behaviour changes in healthcare 

  • Fostering a culture of innovation and care redesign in healthcare 

  • Fostering change management and the creation of a learning culture 

  • Offsite visit 

Implementing Innovation in Healthcare

We bring everything together by offering you concrete strategies for implementing healthcare innovation. This includes introducing proven methods for measuring its impact and exploring the critical role of sustainability and planetary health in the healthcare sector. 

Conclude your transformative journey by showcasing your own innovation project, applying everything you've learned throughout the programme.  

Receive valuable feedback from experts to refine and further develop your innovative initiatives. 

Sessions on day five will include: 

  • Bringing it all together: Strategies for implementing and measuring healthcare innovation 

  • Workshop: Individual health innovation projects 

  • Planetary health and sustainable healthcare 

  • Health innovation project presentations 

  • Closing and final remarks 

Programme faculty and experts

Leading Systemic Innovation in Healthcare is enriched by insights from Imperial College world-leading faculty and industry experts who will expose you to the new evidence-based approaches to innovation in healthcare. 

Andy Wilkins Headshot

Andy Wilkins 

Andy is a futurist, speaker, podcaster and founder of Future Health – a new think tank and systems convener exploring the long-term vision for health and healthcare systems in a technology enabled 21st century. He has undertaken numerous healthcare innovation and transformation projects and has authored several high-profile reports for the NHS and policy makers on the future of healthcare. Andy is a visiting lecturer to UCL and a champion for a new future based on holistic health that includes wrapping holistic, person-centred health and care around the needs of individuals and communities and the transformation from silos to health ecosystems that will make this possible.  

James Barlow Headshot

James Barlow

Professor James Barlow is the Chair in Technology and Innovation Management (Healthcare) and Programme Co-Director for the Executive Health Innovation Management Programme at Imperial College Business School. He has spent over 20 years working on innovation in healthcare from creation to adoption. He is particularly interested in the complex relationship between innovation in health technologies, services, and infrastructure. James has led or been involved in many research projects and has extensive experience advising and consulting for government and industry. Current roles include Associate Director of Research for Imperial College Health Partners, management board member of the National Institute for Health Research Policy Innovation Research Unit, and President of the International Academy for Design and Health. James has published widely in leading journals including Organization Science, Research Policy, Health Affairs, Social Science & Medicine, California Management Review, and the Bulletin of the WHO. His latest book is Managing Innovation in Healthcare, which was published in January 2017 by World Scientific. 

Key information

Duration: 5 days (on-campus)
Programme dates:

3 -
Imperial College Business School, London, SW7 2AZ, UK
Fees: £6,950

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