Strategy & Organisational Behaviour Publications 2019
Type Title Authors Publisher Journal Volume Publication Date
Journal Article Measuring the organisational health of acute sector healthcare organisations: Development and validation of the Healthcare-OH survey Nicolay, C.R., Williams, S.P., Brkic, M., Purkayastha, S., Chaturvedi, S., Phillips, N., Darzi, A. International Journal Of Healthcare Management 01 January 2019
Journal Article Short-term Sahaja Yoga meditation training modulates brain structure and spontaneous activity in the executive control network Dodich, A., Zollo, M., Crespi, C., Cappa, S.F., Laureiro Martinez, D., Falini, A., Canessa, N. Brain And Behaviour 01 January 2019
Journal Article Comments on Stigma Versus Legitimacy Devers, C.E., Mishina, Y. Sage Publications Inc Journal Of Management Inquiry Volume 28, pp.16-21 01 January 2019
Journal Article A double-edged sword: cultural entrepreneurship and the mobilisation of morally tainted cultural resources Dalpiaz, E., Cavotta, V. Routledge Journals, Taylor & Francis Ltd Innovation-Organization & Management Volume 21, pp.214-228 02 January 2019
Journal Article Key to Effective Organizational Performance Management Lies at the Intersection of Paradox Theory and Stakeholder Theory Pinto, J. Wiley International Journal Of Management Reviews Volume 21, pp.185-208 01 April 2019
Journal Article Modeling the impact of organization structure and whistle-blowers on intra-organizational corruption contagion Nekovee, M., Pinto, J. Elsevier Science Bv Physics A-statistical Mechanics And Its Applications Volume 522, pp.339-349 15 May 2019
Book Chapter A Big Picture Approach to (C)SR: Where Are We Now? Hemingway, C.A. Emerald Publishing Limited Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations Volume 21, pp.15-32 04 September 2019