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The Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI)

20 years ago there was relatively little entrepreneurial activity in the UK, but now it’s hard to imagine life without James Dyson’s vacuum cleaner, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook and Simon Cowell’s media empire. Entrepreneurs have changed the way business works and make considerable contributions to national economies and systems of innovation. Formerly know as GEDI, the Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI) has been developed by researchers at Imperial College Business School, George Mason University and the Universities of Strathclyde, Aston and Pecs, to measure and rank a country’s entrepreneurial capacity.

GEI offers a deeper view of the complex interactions of individual and institutional variables that regulate levels of entrepreneurship and economic development. By focusing on the contextual features of entrepreneurship, the Index can help the policy community to understand the factors contributing to entrepreneurial success. The index has been expanded to cover regional-level analysis and examine gender influences in the Female Entrepreneurship Index.

The latest version of the Index covers over 130 countries and in these webpages you can learn how the GEI can be used as an assessment  tool, view the interactive GEI Map and develop tangible goals for new policy measures. Further information is available from the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute website.

GEI Developers


  • Professor Erkko Autio, Imperial College London
  • Professor Zoltan Acs, LSE 
  • Professor Mark Hart, University of Aston 
  • Dr Laszlo Szerb, University of Pecs