Our academics regularly publish in journals with international impact and readership. Here's a selection of research papers published or accepted for publication, during the current academic year (2022–23).

Previous accepted papers

Author Title Journal/Volume
Eisingerich, Andreas Benedikt Do CSR Efforts that Focus on Helping the Environment Influence Brand Purchase More Than Other Forms of CSR?

Journal of Business Research

Valletti, Tommaso

Concentration and competition: Evidence from Europe and implications for policy

Journal of Competition Law & Economics

Jung, HeeJung Prevalence of voice handicap among nurses in intensive care units due to occupational noise during pandemic Frontiers in public health
Koberle, Alexandre Adjusting 1.5 degree C climate change mitigation pathways in light of adverse new information Nature Communications
Martinez-Jimenez, Mario Impact of new national guidance on survival for babies born at 22-weeks’ gestation in England and Wales: a population-based cohort BMJ Medicine
Muuls, Mirabelle Big oil and the energy transition: Evidence from M&A Energy Policy
Yeomans, Michael Henry A practical guide to conversation research: how to study what people say to each other Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science
Martinez-Jimenez, Mario Effect of national guidance on survival for babies born at 22 weeks' gestation in England and Wales: population based cohort study British Medical Journal
Author Title Journal/Volume
Iyer, Raj;
José-Luis Peydró

Stressed Banks? Evidence from the Largest-ever Supervisory Review

Management Science

Sundaresan, Savitar:
Marcin Kacperczyk

Market Power and Price Informativeness.

Review of Economic Studies

Valletti, Tommaso

Is having an expert “friend” enough? An analysis of consumer switching behavior in mobile telephony

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

Montakhabi, Mehdi

Corrigendum to “Emerging business models in local energy markets: A systematic review of peer-to-peer, community self-consumption, and transactive energy models” [Renew Sustain Energy Rev 179 (2023) 1

Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews

Ibragimov, Rustam

New Approaches to Robust Inference on Market (Non-)efficiency, Volatility Clustering and Nonlinear Dependence

Journal of Financial Econometrics

Montakhabi, Mehdi

Leveraging blockchain for energy transition in urban contexts Big Data & Society
Ramadorai, Tarun Climate Regulation and Emissions Abatement: Theory and Evidence from Firms’ Disclosures Management Science
Author Title Journal/Volume
Peydro Alcalde, Jose-Luis

Stressed banks? evidence from the largest-ever supervisory review

Management Science

Kacperczyk, Marcin Behind schedule: The corporate effort to fulfill climate obligations

Journal of Applied Corporate Finance

Author Title Journal/Volume
Eisingerich, Andreas Benedikt;
Merlo, Omar
Why so toxic? A Framework for Exploring Customer Toxicity Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Review
Nanda, Ramana Sampling Bias in Entrepreneurial Experiments Management Science
Pinto, Jonathan A Novel Bias in Managers' Allocation of Bonuses to Teams: Emphasis on Team Size Instead of Team Contribution

Journal of Behavioral Decision Making

Allen, Franklin Dissecting the long-term performance of the Chinese stock market

Journal of Finance

Anderson, Edward Minimax decision rules for planning under uncertainty: Drawbacks and remedies


European Journal of Oerational Research

Custodio, Claudia Information, perceptions, and electoral behaviour of young voters: A randomised controlled experiment

Electoral Studies

Ibragimov, Rustam Impact of self-learning based high-frequency traders on the stock market

Expert Systems with Applications

Peydro Alcalde, Jose-Luis Macroprudential Policy, Mortgage Cycles, and Distributional Effects: Evidence from the United Kingdom

Review of Financial Studies

Sassi, Franco The contribution to policies of an exposome-based approach to childhood obesity


Author Title Journal/Volume
Martin, Ralf Do Tax Incentives Increase Firm Innovation? An RD Design for R&D, Patents, and Spillovers American Economic Journal-Economic Policy
Anderson, Edward James Competitive contract design in a retail supply chain under demand uncertainty

Naval Research Logistics

Martin, Ralf; Muuls, Mirabelle Unraveling Firms: Demand, Productivity and Markups Heterogeneity Economic Journal
Eisingerich, Andreas Benedikt When is Celebrity Endorsement Effective? Exploring the Role of Celebrity Endorsers in Enhancing Key Brand Associations Journal of Business Research
Voichek, Guy COVID Time: How Quarantine Affects Feelings of Elapsed Time

Journal of the Association for Consumer Research

Allen, Harry Franklin (Franklin) Implicit guarantees and the rise of shadow banking: The case of trust products

Journal of Financial Economics

Nanda, Ramana Networking frictions in venture capital, and the gender gap in entrepreneurship

Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Mosca, Luigi Configurations of business model themes and strategies in small firms: a qualitative comparative analysis

Journal of Management and Governance

Andretti de Mello, Bernardo A panel dataset of COVID-19 vaccination policies in 185 countries

Nature Human Behaviour

Author Title Journal/Volume
Eisingerich, Andreas  A Time for Heroes? Conceptualization, Development, and Validation of the Brand Hero Scale European Journal of Marketing
Veiga, Andre Price Discrimination in Selection Markets Review of Economics and Statistics
Wolfram Wiesemann A Planner-Trader Decomposition for Multi-Market Hydro Scheduling Operations Research
Martinez-Jimenez,  Mario  Parental nonemployment in childhood and children's health later in life Economics & Human Biology
Peydro Alcalde, Jose-Luis Systemic Risk and Monetary Policy: The Haircut Gap Channel of the Lender of Last Resort Review of Financial Studies
Ibragimov, Rustam

New Robust Inference for Predictive Regressions

Econometric Theory
Pinto, Jonathan

When does competence matter? Character as a moderator in the development of trust

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

Sassi, Franco

Guidance on the use of complex systems models for economic evaluations of public health interventions

Health Economics

Eisingerich, Andreas Benedikt

Feasibility and Preliminary Outcomes of a Mobile Intervention Combining Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Virtual Coaching, and Nicotine Replacement Therapy for Nicotine Vaping Cessation

Telemedicine reports

Kacperczyk, Marcin

Legal Risk and Insider Trading

Journal of Finance

Li, Xiaocheng

Dynamic Pricing with External Information and Inventory Constraint

Management Science

Author Title Journal/Volume
Weiss, Tim The Experimental Hand: How Platform-based Experimentation Reconfigures Worker Autonomy Academy of Management Journal
Walther, Ansgar Prudential Policy with Distorted Beliefs The American Economic Review
Custodio, Claudia Indirect Costs of Financial Distress Review of Finance
Wiesemann, Wolfram On Approximations of Data-Driven Chance Constrained Programs over Wasserstein Balls Operations Research Letters
De Preux, Laure B Does it measure up? A comparison of pollution exposure assessment  techniques applied across hospitals in England International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Hampel, Christian; Dalpiaz, Elena Confronting the Contested Past: Sensemaking and Rhetorical History in the Reconstruction of Organizational Identity Academy of Management Journal
Zaffaroni, Paolo Inferential Theory for Generalized Dynamic Factor Models Journal of Econometrics
Pinto, Jonathan Using review articles to address societal grand challenges

International Journal of Management Reviews

Muuls, Mirabelle A mean field game model of firm-level innovation

Mathematical Models & Methos in Applied Sciences

Mosca, Luigi How the reliability of external competences shapes the modularization strategies of industrialized construction firms

Construction Management and Economics

Dalpiaz, Elena

Confronting the Contested Past: Sensemaking and Phetorical History in the Reconstruction of Organizational Identity

Academy of Managemtn Journal

Author Title Journal/Volume
Barlow, James Benefits and challenges of video consulting for mental health diagnosis and follow-up: a qualitative study in community care

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Eisingerich, Andreas;
Merlo, Omar

Immunizing Customers Against Negative Brand-Related Information

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Michaelides, Alex Housing, Distribution and Welfare

Journal of Money Credit and Banking

Custodio, Claudia Supporting small firms through recessions and recoveries

Journal of Financial Economics

Sundaresan, Savitar More Risk, More Information: How Passive Ownership Can Improve Informational Efficiency

Review of Financial Studies

Bode, Christiane S

When Few Give to Many and Many Give to Few: Corporate Scoial Responsibility Strategies Under India's Lega; Mandate

Strategic Management Journal
Andretti de Mello, Dr Bernardo

Ecological study of the association between socioeconomic inequality and food deserts and swamps around schools in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

BMC Public Health

Author Title Journal/Volume
Barlow, James Institutional logics and the adoption and implementation of remote patient monitoring

Innovation-Management Policy & Practice

Yildirim, Gokhan

Advertisings Sequence of Effects on Consumer Mindset and Sales : A Comparison Across Brands and Product Categories

International Journal of Research in Marketing

ter Wal, Anne Firm exit from open multiparty alliances: The role of social influence, uncertainty, and interfirm imitation in collective technology development Research Policy
Biffis, Enrico A pricing formula for delayed claims: appreciating the past to value the future Mathematics and Financial Economics
Martinez-Jimenez, Mario Coping with COVID-19: the role of hospital care structures and capacity expansion in five countries Health Economics Policy and Law
Clarysse, Bart Institutional logics and founders' identity orientation: Why academic entrepreneurs aspire lower venture growth Research Policy
Author Title Journal/Volume
Kacperczyk, Marcin Sustainable Finance

Review of Finance

Perkmann, Markus

Are public subsidies effective for university spinoffs? Evidence from SBIR awards in the University of California system

Research Policy

Hughes, Alan Facilitating public procurement of innovation in the UK defence and health sectors: Innovation intermediaries as institutional entrepreneurs Research Policy
Barlow, James;
Hofer, Matthias
Regulatory policy and pharmaceutical innovation in the United Kingdom after Brexit: initial insights

Frontiers in Medicine

Martinez-Toledano, Clara

Wealth Inequality Dynamics in Europe and the United States: Understanding the Determinants

Journal of Monetary Economics

Miles, David Macroeconomic impacts of changes in life expectancy and fertility

The Journal of the Economics of Ageing

Pinto, Jonathan Academics engaging in knowledge transfer and co-creation: Push causation and pull effectuation?

Research Policy

Ross, Jan Resource Idling and Capability Erosion

Academy of Management Journal

Wu, Jiahua Intertemporal Price Discrimination Via Randomized Pricing

M&SOM-Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Merlo, Omar Exploring the changing role of brand archetypes in customer-brand relationships: Why try to be a hero when your brand can be more?

Business Horizons

ter Wal, Anne Regulatory policy and pharmaceutical innovation in the United Kingdom after Brexit: Initial insights

Frontiers in Medicine

Miraldo, Marisa The impact of hospital price and quality transparency tools on healthcare spending: a systematic review

Health Economics Review

Criscuolo, Paola Regulatory policy and pharmaceutical innovation in the United Kingdom after Brexit: Initial insights Frontiers in Medicine
Sundaresan, Savitar Emergency Preparation and Uncertainty Persistence Management Science
Wu, Jiahua Intertemporal Price Discrimination via Randomized Promotions M&SOM-Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
Author Title Journal/Volume
Allen, Franklin  Implicit Benefits and Financing

Journal of Financial Intermediation

Anderson, Edward

Developing a shared supplier with endogenous spillovers

Production and Operations Management

Eisingerich, Andreas Building a Competitive Advantage based on Transparency: When and Why Does Transparency Matter for Corporate Social Responsibility? Business Horizons
Talaifar, Sanaz Fear and deprivation in Trump’s America: A regional analysis of voting behavior in the 2016 and 2020 U.S. presidential elections

Personality Science

Talaifar, Sanaz

Multinational data show that conspiracy beliefs are associated with the perception (and reality) of poor national economic performance

European Journal of Social Psychology

de Preux Gallone,  Laure A Cost-Utility Analysis of Mesh Prophylaxis in the Prevention of Incisional Hernias following Stoma Closure Surgery

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Green, Professor Richard Business Models for Active Buildings


Chen, Yijun Collaborate to compete: an empirical matching game under incomplete information in rank-order tournaments

Marketing Science

Tucci, Christopher Louis How the Internet of Things reshapes the organization of innovation and entrepreneurship


Barlow,  James Harnessing a clinician-led governance model to overcome healthcare tribalism and drive innovation: a case study of Northumbria NHS Foundation Trust

Journal of Health Organization and Management

(Emeritus Professor) Smith, Peter Charles Data needs for integrated economic-epidemiological models of pandemic mitigation policies Epidemics
(Visiting Researcher) Fini, Riccardo Are public subsidies effective for university spinoffs? Evidence from SBIR awards in the University of California system Research Policy
Clarysse, Bart How the Internet of Things reshapes the organization of innovation and entrepreneurship Technovation
Author Title Journal/Volume
Biffis, Enrico

Health Insurance, Portfolio Choice, and Retirement Incentives

European Journal of Operational Research

Cenci, Simone A causal approach to test empirical capital structure regularities The Journal of Finance and Data Science
Corley, Kevin G Gravity's pull: The identity-related motives and outcomes of hiring stars

Human Resource Management Review

Sassi, Franco

Metabolic profiles of ultra-processed food consumption and their role in obesity risk in British children

Clinical Nutrition

Eisingerich, Andreas How can companies recover from liability-invoking failures? exploring the role of uncertainty avoidance in facilitating consumer compliance across national cultures

Journal of International Marketing

Harutyunyan, Mushegh Pricing of Vice Goods for Goal-Driven Consumers

Management Science

Ibragimov,  Rustam; Walter Distaso COVID-19: Tail Risk and Predictive Regressions

PLoS One

Propper, Carol Nurse staffing and inpatient mortality in the English National Health Service: a retrospective longitudinal study

BMJ Quality & Safety

Ibragimov, Rustam A market crash or tail risk? Heavy tails and asymmetry of returns in the Chinese Stock Market

Advances in Econometrics

Distaso, Walter COVID-19: Tail risk and predictive regressions PLoS One
Moore, Celia The certification effect of new legislation: CEO accountability for misconduct after Sarbanes-Oxley Research in the Sociology of Organizations