Bringing data science research closer to the world of business.

Imperial Business Analytics brings business-focused academics together with specialists in data science to do cutting-edge research on how business analytics, data, and artificial intelligence will change business and society more generally.

We work with many of the world’s top academics and industry experts and find the ideas, skills and confidence to make better, more informed decisions.

We are at the forefront of data science and business analytics, using cutting-edge technology such as the KPMG Data Observatory, one of the world’s most advanced data visualisation spaces.


What we do

"At KPMG our clients are tackling increasing volume, velocity and complexity of big-data. Finding better ways of analysing data is the key to unlocking its profitability. I am excited that this alliance will unleash new waves of productivity, growth and innovation."
Christian Rast
Global Head of Data and Analytics, KPMG
Christian Rast