Sustainability is a core area of research at Imperial College Business School, with academics focusing on themes including climate, energy and sustainable business models. Here, we take a look at some of our most popular sustainability-themed articles

1. What is climate risk?

The financial implications of climate risk are increasingly discussed. In this article, Imperial College Business School researcher Bob Buhr explains how he is helping investors, lenders and regulators address the financial implications of climate change.

2. Phasing out coal would save the world $78 trillion

The most common concern voiced with phasing out coal is that it would be too costly. But Imperial College Business School researchers have found the move would save 1.2 per cent of current world GDP every year until the end of the century.

3. Why renewable energy outperforms fossil fuels

Analysis by Imperial’s Centre for Climate Finance & Investment shows how renewable energy has benefitted from technological improvements, policy support and lower financing costs.

4. 6 ways to reduce the environmental impact of your business

It is now widely accepted that climate change exists – and that there are ways we can help to stop the worst of its effects. Here, Imperial College Business School researcher Mili Fomicov reveals six ways you and your business can help in the fight against climate change. 

5. Why tackling climate change requires nothing less than a business revolution

Climate change is arguably the biggest crisis to face humanity in our history. But effecting a true green recovery will require changes that are even more profound, and which involve a fundamental reassessment of how businesses operate. 

6. Banks are already considering climate change in their lending decisions

New research shows larger banks are lending less to small farms affected by abnormally high temperatures, with potentially huge repercussions for a large portion of the world’s population.

7. Agribusiness is not ready for the sudden shocks of climate change

Climate change models suggest temperatures will gradually rise, but the agriculture sector is not prepared for the acute risk of extreme weather events. 

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