Davos, Switzerland

Whether you're attending the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, one of the fringe events, or following the discussions from abroad, here's a selection of five articles from IB Knowledge which provide insights into the key topics you can apply all year round 

1. How to plan the future of sustainable energy 

Sustainable energy has been one of the defining concepts of the 21st century so far, changing the way governments, businesses and individuals operate – possibly forever. But to meet sustainability goals, our future power systems will need to change dramatically over the next 50 years and the right solution is critical to shaping policy. 

2. Restarting the future: why the intangible economy isn’t working and how we can fix it

Since the turn of the century, businesses have been putting more money into intangible assets, making them a cornerstone of the economy. Despite this, the pace of investment is slowing and developed countries find themselves in a strange position: the world is richer than it’s ever been, yet their economies are suffering from major issues, including stagnation, inequality, and dysfunctional competition. 

3. What African tech startups can teach us about digital innovation 

The latest figures show some $4 billion of investment was funnelled into African tech startups in 2021 and six unicorns have emerged on the continent. But what makes certain tech businesses flourish in these unique circumstances? 

4. Could engaging in corporate social impact work damage your career? 

Companies that offer employees the chance to engage in social impact work benefit from improved recruitment, mitigation against adverse employee behaviour and improved employee retention. However, it does not necessarily translate that those who volunteer benefit in terms of career advancement. In fact, Imperial researchers have found that, in some cases, it can hold them back. 

5. Ukraine: what armed conflict means for climate change 

The question of the impact of climate change on geopolitical risk has been circulating in research circles for a while. But, until now, few have turned the question around and asked: “How do armed conflicts affect the fight against climate change?”  

Imperial College Business School will be in Davos alongside the World Economic Forum from 16 to 20 January 2023. We will be holding a series of events via our Centre for Digital Transformation and the Leonardo Centre on Business for Society. You can find out more about the events and keep up to date with the outcomes of Imperial's discussions here.

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