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Brexit: why too much information leads to uncertainty and chaos

Noisy information prevents people from uniting around an objective truth... Read more Savitar Sundaresan | 3 July 2019

Doing business internationally increases the gender pay gap

Exporting firms have about a three percentage point larger gender wage gap than non-exporters... Read more Dr Esther Bøler | 12 November 2018

When businesses hurt clients, it’s because they don’t like them

If we want to do something self-serving, we convince ourselves the victim has nothing in common with us... Read more Dr Laura J. Noval | 25 October 2018

How to not sell out

How organisations can access unfamiliar markets and audiences by building “hybrid spaces”... Read more Prof Markus Perkmann, Prof Nelson Phillips | 4 July 2018

Is this the end of fossil fuels?

The clean technology revolution will not be enough to save the global economy from serious climate change impacts. Companies must adapt to a new climate of risk.... Read more Dr Charles Donovan | 21 August 2017

The Icehotel: redefining management via paradoxes and intangibles

Sweden's number one tourist attraction, the Icehotel is a business case study in how to embrace paradox and impress your customers.... Read more Dr Jonathan Pinto | 14 August 2017

How to rebuild your reputation after a scandal

Dr Yuri Mishina, Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour/Strategy at Imperial College Business School, outlines the steps firms need to take to salvage a damaged reputation.... Read more Dr Yuri Mishina | 20 April 2017

Why are managers throwing away their best innovations?

Dr Criscuolo discovers the key to ensuring a strong panel for assessing R&D cases, explaining the three factors to consider... Read more Dr Paola Criscuolo | 28 February 2017

How to get the best out of your advisory board

Professor George Yip highlights how best to work with an advisory board in an academic environment.... Read more Professor George Yip | 23 February 2017

Where should digital marketing sit in a company structure?

Daniel Rowles, Digital Marketing lecturer for the MSc in Strategic Marketing at Imperial College Business School, highlights the most effective ways to fit digital marketing staff into an organisation.... Read more Daniel Rowles | 23 February 2017