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MSc Finance Class of 2023-24

Our reputation as a world-leading university attracts high calibre students from across the world. You will find yourself studying alongside a diverse community of talented individuals, gaining insight into different global business practices.

Class profile

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Degree background

  • Economics: 41%
  • Business/Management: 18%
  • Finance/Accounting: 17%
  • Engineering/Technology: 13%
  • Mathematics: 9%
  • Arts/Humanities: 1%
  • Science/Medicine: 1%

What our students say

“It’s a diverse group of very smart people. There is a saying that if you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong place. I am always learning from everyone and their raw hunger for success pushes me to challenge myself, there are some future CEOs among my cohort for sure.”
Godiraone George
MSc Finance 2022
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