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Imperial College Data Science Intensive Course

Online Programme brought to you by the Imperial Data Science Institute and Le Wagon Coding Bootcamp.

In 10 intense weeks you'll learn Data Science from Python to advanced machine learning, code your own data projects, and boost your career.


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Join our Data Science community

We are pleased to announce our networking and career support plans for DS Intensive. After the course finishes we will support you with your goals, whatever they may be, including:

  • Careers support- bespoke designed 'Careers Week' to help you kickstart your job search in data & tech, & join Le Wagon Slack community (10,000+ global network)...
  • Networking opportunities- exclusive Data Science Networking events following Imperial's Data Science Institute seminars, invited subscription to Imperial's Data Science Institute Newsletter, annual alumni event including a tour of Imperial’s Data Observatory (immersive data analytics lab).

Payment plans launched

To read more about these new benefits, plus many more see our Imperial Data Science Intensive Course page


We are really excited to announce that Imperial's Data Science Institute are partnering with the world’s leading coding bootcamp, Le Wagon, to create our first ever co-branded intensive data science course. The program is entirely online and adapted from Le Wagon’s world-class curriculum, so students will be able to learn all the basics to transition to a career in data science in just 10 weeks from wherever they are in the world.

Our course is designed to make you learn data science step by step, starting with the basic data toolkit in Python and mathematics to the complete implementation and deployment cycle of machine learning algorithms. The project-based course will be delivered live and you will get the opportunity to interact with the teaching team in real time, ask questions and get support as you progress.

Coached by data scientists from the Data Science Institute, participants will apply the skills learned in class to real-world Capstones projects as well as receiving lifetime access to the curriculum and learning platform. They’ll also be official members of the Le Wagon community, a global Le Wagon network of over 10,000.

Dr Mark Kennedy, Co-Director of the Data Science Institute and Director of Imperial Business Analytics says "We are excited about Data Science Intensive because it offers a rapid route to marketable skills now in high demand to a population who might otherwise miss out. In short order, participants will go from promise to skill- from classroom to market"

Boris Paillard, CEO, Le Wagon says "Learning Data Science will bring critical skills to any professional in the future of work. We are thrilled to partner with Imperial College to bring to the largest number of people our expertise in Data Science and immersive education through this unique online format."