Individual consultations provide an opportunity for students to discuss a piece of their own work or discuss a language or study skills-related challenge with a tutor. Whatever the need, students are most welcome to contact us  and book an individual consultation.

The focus of a consultation might be:


These consultations provide the opportunity to practise individual presentations and receive immediate feedback relating to structure, slides, delivery and language. This is an opportunity to build confidence and improve presentation skills.

Tutors can advise on, for example, the process of paraphrasing, summarising, quoting or referencing. Feedback can be provided on language accuracy, style, cohesion and coherence. Note that we cannot provide a proof-reading service and cannot advice or comment on the academic content of reports.

Designed for international students whose first language is not English, these consultations complement the provision from Careers. Consultations provide a final check for impact, grammar and vocabulary, but it is recommended that your content is first discussed with careers consultants with specialist knowledge of your preferred industry.

Consultations are bookable via Symplicity after CVs have successfully passed Vmock screening.

These consultations are designed to aid exam preparation. We provide feedback on mock exam questions focusing in particular on cohesion and coherence and language. We help identify recurring errors and build confidence in approaching upcoming exams. Note we cannot provide advice or comment on the academic content of exam scripts

These consultations can provide support in identifying and addressing elements of English pronunciation which may impact intelligibility. Typical areas focused on include pronunciation of individual phonemes (sounds), intonation, word and sentence stress as well as word linking.

These consultations can provide advice on a range of areas, for example, working in groups, time management, critical thinking and analysis, research skills, writing skills (summarising/paraphrasing), reading and note-taking and developing academic vocabulary.

All session will be promoted by Programme Teams via the HUB or contact us for more information: