Outgoing exchanges

Increase your international experience by completing electives at a partner school

The exchange programme is the perfect opportunity for students on our MSc Management & International Management, MSc Strategic Marketing & Strategic Marketing (online, part-time) and MBA programmes to tap into a world of possibilities driven by innovation and international collaboration.

On a professional level, you'll gain insights into global markets and business practices, setting you up for a global career. On a personal level, you'll discover new sides of yourself, cultivate lifelong friendships, and develop a true appreciation for the rich tapestry of our global community. Once you're back at Imperial, you’ll be ready to tackle the final hurdle of your programme with a fresh set of skills and insights. Plus, at the end of your journey, you’ll have the opportunity to impress potential employers with your global experience.

The study abroad programme broadens not only your international exposure but also the range of electives you can take. The number of electives you can take varies per programme. The exchange programme includes no extra tuition fees, you’ll just need to cover - food, lodging, visa and travel.

Please note, partner schools are subject to change. We hold different agreements with all of our partner schools, please therefore note that not all schools will be available to your programme. Further detailed information will be communicated at the exchanges briefing, which you can join once you have started your programme.

Your global advantage

Exchanges available

Students will have the opportunity to take at least one module at the partner school of their choice and may select from short- and long-term exchanges. Please note that each partner school will have a different offering, but students can expect:

  • Short-term exchange: one module (over the course of one week or weekend)
  • Short-term exchange: two or more modules over the course of a few weeks
  • Term-long exchange: a full term of exchange, encompassing two or more months at the partner school
“I attended the sustainable transformation course at SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan to enhance my MBA journey. The trip to Milan has been a transformative experience, leaving me not only feeling like a sustainability guru but also armed with a profound comprehension of the "why" behind sustainability in the business world.”
Tobi Owoade
Weekend MBA 2023
Senior Manager, Ernst & Young
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Nomination processes

  • Outgoing exchange: Students must self-nominate for exchange through Imperial College Business School, selecting their partner school of choice. Students will be asked to complete a short nomination form, which will be reviewed. If successful, a student will then be nominated to the partner school.
  • Incoming exchange: Students must be nominated by their home school for exchange at Imperial College Business School. We must have an existing agreement with a partner school; unfortunately, we cannot accept free mover students.