Summer School

Spend your summer in London at a top 10 university

Our Summer School courses, spread over two sessions, are designed to enrich, enhance and develop your knowledge and practical skills. You can study up to two courses (one from each session).

Session One: 1 – 19 July 2019

Entrepreneurial Smart Camp

This course will challenge you to recognise and understand the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in a modern business context. You will learn how new ideas can be developed into profitable products and services.

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Machine Learning & Applied Statistics

An introduction to a range of quantitative methods from mathematics, statistics and computing and will enable you to use these methods in applications in various fields including finance and bioimaging.

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Principles of Finance

An introduction to the core concepts, this course is ideal for anyone thinking of following a career in finance.

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Session Two: 22 July – 9 August 2019

Business Strategy & Consulting

Develop your strategic thinking and learn how the world’s leading companies and consultancies position themselves to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

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Strategic Marketing

This course will review and appraise contemporary marketing and digital strategy to provide students with a dynamic vision and insight of marketing and digital strategy.

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