Entrepreneurship Hub

Imperial College Business School’s Entrepreneurship Hub can help you realise your ambitions as an entrepreneur.

The Hub is embedded in the School’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Group, which hosts world-class researchers in these fields. The Hub translates new insights developed by the academic community into practical tools and guidelines for entrepreneurs and managers active in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and design (IE&D). Our IE&D core programme draws on leading faculty and practitioners to teach and coach postgraduate students through a series of lectures, workshops and selected projects.

In addition to its outreach activities, the Entrepreneurship Hub aims to enhance the entrepreneurial culture within Imperial College by giving students the opportunity to explore entrepreneurial ideas and develop practical entrepreneurial skills. The Hub has created an on-line tool which offers an assisted entrepreneurial journey for students who are not only interested in learning about the theory but also going through the experience of developing a business case.

Current research themes include:

  • The psychological foundations of entrepreneurship
  • The survival of new ventures through current accelerator model and areas for improvement
  • How aspirations drive business model experimentation
  • Hybrid ventures operating within institutionally complex environments