Centre for Climate Finance & Investment

The centre’s purpose is to unlock solutions within capital markets to address the challenges posed by global climate change

We execute inter-disciplinary research combining intellectual rigor and industry relevance. Through collaboration between academics and practitioners, we are generating a new understanding of the investment opportunity in renewable energy, clean technologies, and climate-resilient infrastructure

Climate Change: Financial Risks and Opportunities – An Introduction

Research in Development & Thought Pieces

Can the Oil and Gas Majors Transition to Zero Carbon

Are the major oil and gas companies really prepared for a low-carbon energy system? We’re developing a new approach to help investors find out.

The dangers of subsidy-free renewable energy

Almost all European countries want to get rid of subsidies for renewable energy projects, but exposing producers to greater market risk may be both inefficient and counterproductive.

Recommended Resources

MSc Climate Change Management & Finance – Imperial Business School tailored masters program

Climate Risk Network – Climate Risk course initiated Linked In Group

The Grantham Institute  – leading authority on climate and environmental science at Imperial College

Challenge & Opportunity

The Centre for Climate Finance & Investment is very well positioned to support governments and investors in making the most of the massive opportunity for a greener global economy.

Peter KnottGreen Investment Bank

CCFI Sponsors

The Centre is grateful for the support of Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners who are its founding benefactors. Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners manages direct investments in low-carbon and renewable energy assets and businesses.  The company’s management team has more than three decades of experience of investing in global power and energy infrastructure and is currently developing and constructing a $3 billion portfolio of natural gas, renewables and battery storage assets.