Central Library lift showing GoStudy signageIn October 2021 Library Services launched GoStudy, a suite of rooms on levels 4 and 5 of the Chemistry Building which include silent, group and breakout spaces.

In Spring 2022 we carried out some research to find out how students use GoStudy and how we can improve the spaces. Library Staff observed students using the rooms and interviewed others.

We would like to thank all students who took part and gave us valuable feedback. Our findings and responses are below.

You said: You haven’t heard of GoStudy
We did: In October 2022 we ran a campaign to promote GoStudy to new students. We have seen usage improve as a result. In January 2023 we installed signage on the lifts at the Abdus Salam Library to direct students to GoStudy if the library is busy.

You said: Room 430 is too noisy and you didn’t know that other rooms are available
We did: In February 2023 we installed floor plans in each study space. We will be installing larger floor plans in the corridors. We hope that this will encourage students to make use of all the space in GoStudy.

You said: You don’t know what room 444 is for
We did: You told us that you don’t know what room 444 is intended for but that you use it for presentations. We have therefore made the room bookable and rebranded it GoPresent. Go to Library bookings to book a morning, afternoon or evening slot.

You said: There is no information about the opening hours
We did: We have added the opening hours to banners placed at the entrance to GoStudy on levels 4 and 5. GoStudy is open 08.00 – 23.00 Monday to Sunday. The spaces are closed during university closures.

You said: You would like beanbags
We did: We have provided some beanbags in the Breakout Spaces.

You said: The rooms are too cold
We did: We have informed Estates, closed the windows and provided temporary fixes to broken ones. We have also increased the heating.

You said: The study space doors bang
We did: We have asked Estates to check all the doors and they have adjusted them as required.

You said: There are not enough whiteboards and no whiteboard pens
We did: We are investigating adding more whiteboards. Please ask an Attendant if you require a whiteboard pen, they have some available for you to borrow.

You said: The sanitisation stations are often empty
We did: Our Attendants are checking and replenishing the sanitiser and blue paper towels more frequently.

You said: There is no cleaning equipment in the kitchen
We did: We have provided washing-up liquid and cleaning materials which are restocked regularly.

You said: You don’t know how to use the IT facilities
We did: We have asked ICT to provide instructions.

You said: There are not enough sockets
We did: We are discussing this with Estates.

You said: There are sometimes problems with the vending machines
Vending machines are managed by a central supplier. Unfortunately, Library Services are unable to assist with them. If you have difficulties please contact the supplier details as indicated on the machines or contact Taste Imperial.

You said: There are no printing facilities
Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide a printer at this time due to the lack of power and data points.