Picture of Christmas feedback tree

A Christmas tree decorated with feedback tags in festive colours

The Christmas feedback tree

The tree received over 1,500 tags of feedback

Thank you

Thank you for your amazing response to our Christmas feedback tree - you hung over 1,500 tags on it and, as you can see from the photo, it looked beautiful.

Thank you, too, for your Christmas wishes and messages of thanks. Library staff would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and success in your exams and in the future.

Here is our response to your feedback.

More study spaces / more seats / another floor

We are currently refurbishing a large space on level 4 of the Abdus Salam Library that was recently vacated by the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training.

This new space will be converted into a 100-seat Group Study space. Opening for the start of the 2024 summer term, it will offer a variety of collaborative study spaces, including a breakout area featuring a hot water dispenser and vending machines.

More books for leisure reading (non-academic), such as Harry Potter or Hunger Games / better selection of fiction books

As well as books and resources for your course, we support you with our fiction and recreational reading collections.

You can find most of these items on our display shelves on level 1, and on the main shelves on level 5 at the Abdus Salam Library, as well as at the campus libraries.

We also provide access to e-books and audiobooks. You can use the Libby app from Overdrive to download e-books and audiobooks to your phone. Our Libby collection has over 1,700 items, including bestsellers, prize-winning fiction, history, health and wellbeing, and includes titles in Spanish, French, German and Italian. 

Improved heating / turn up the heating / turn off the air con

We are sorry that the temperature in the Abdus Salam Library and GoStudy spaces have been very cold over this winter period. Imperial's Chief Operating Officer sent out the following email to all staff and students on 16 January 2024:

We are working hard to update our aged heating system here in South Kensington. In time, these new boilers will provide a significant boost to our heating capacity and substantially help us to reach our net zero commitments. When complete, this project will reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by around 2,400 tonnes every year.

However, it is clear that the current, temporary heating system is struggling to warm all of our buildings sufficiently. In some of our older buildings, this is a particular issue when temperatures fall below five degrees, as it has done in recent days.

To address this, we are running our heating system round the clock and we are distributing plug-in heaters to affected areas.

Our Project team is prioritising all heating related issues. Please do keep reporting low temperatures to our Customer Services Centre. It will help to keep windows and doors closed as much as possible.

Better maintained / working toilets

The toilets at the Abdus Salam Library are regularly cleaned and inspected, and any reported faults attended to by Imperial's Estates department. If you find any toilet in an unacceptable condition, please report it to one of our Attendants who will arrange for a cleaner or someone from Estates to attend urgently. You can speak to an Attendant at the Information Hub or text anonymously on 07725 159853.

Hot water dispenser

A hot water dispenser will be available in the new level 4 Group Study space at the Abdus Salam Library.

Noise in silent areas better monitored / silence on levels 4 and 5 Abdus Salam Library

We provide different types of study space to suit your style of working. Each floor is clearly sign posted with its designated study environment. Please make sure you are in the correct space to meet your study requirements:

  • Silent study - levels 2 and 3
  • Quiet study - levels 1, 4 and 5
  • Group study - level 1
  • Group study, Silent study and Breakout spaces are also available in GoStudy.

Our Library Attendants regularly patrol all floors and will be pleased to help maintain the study environment. You can also talk to them at the Information Hub, call or text anonymously on 07725 159853.

Working sockets / plugs

If you have an issue with the Abdus Salam library PCs or the plug sockets on the desks, you can report it to libsec@imperial.ac.uk or text an attendant on 07725 159853.

You will need to give a brief description of the issue, the floor number you are on and the desk number, which can be found on the corner of each library desk.

In some areas a QR code on the desk will link you to a form for reporting defects. This service is being rolled out across the whole library.