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This year we welcomed a new cohort of intelligent, driven Management students to Imperial College Business School, all eager to develop skills that will help secure their future roles in world-class organisations. At the Business School, we know that within management, there is no one-size-fits-all, every individual has a different path they want to explore. Each programme gives our students the opportunity to build a foundation of their subject knowledge through a set of core modules, electives (dependent on programme) and applied projects.

The Management Masters’ programmes that you can apply for at the Business School are:

All of the programmes provide up-to-date, relevant business knowledge that equips students with the toolkit to become global business leaders. Combining both academic and practical learning, students get to apply the in-depth programme content that they learn in the classroom throughout the year in a variety of tasks such as group work and projects that often involve consulting for real businesses.

What do the new classes look like?

MSc International Management

MSc International Management has been designed for students with an existing background in business. At the heart of the programme, is the opportunity to advance leadership skills with a global outlook. Students can apply their knowledge and immerse in other cultures with the Leadership in Action module*, which includes a live client consulting project, alongside other opportunities to develop their global outlook and leadership capabilities..

MSc International Management class stats - 69 students, 55% female and 19 nationalities represented

This year’s cohort sees 48% of students with an academic background in Business/Management and 32% with a Finance/Accounting degree. MSc International Management is the perfect programme to enhance and accelerate existing business knowledge and learn how to apply it internationally.  

*Subject to COVID-19 travel restrictions

Meet MSc International Management students

Felicia Soon, MSc International Management 2020-21, student at Imperial College Business School

Felicia Soon

Nationality: Singaporean

Education: Business, Nanyang Technological University

Why did you choose to study MSc International Management at Imperial College Business School?

I chose Imperial because it is a school that recognises the importance of technological innovations and solutions in this testing and exciting time. This aligns with my belief that technology should be combined with education to best prepare us for what is to come as future business leaders. Backed by the School’s global reputation for technological excellence, Imperial reflects a forward-thinking institution that produces thought-leaders capable of tackling and analysing the next challenge in any corporation.

What has been your highlight of the programme so far?

I would say that despite having to do the programme remotely now due to COVID-19, the Business School’s multi-modal teaching enables me to continue to be part of the interactive classes. For example, as part of our Leadership in Action module, students had the opportunity to visit a horse ranch. To accommodate the students that were not on-site, we had a dedicated a special class about horses to immerse ourselves in the experience despite the distance.

Mats Brandt

Nationality: German

Education: Business Administration, Hamburg School of Business Administration 

Why did you choose to study MSc International Management at Imperial College Business School?

Imperial’s MSc International Management is the perfect complement to my background: a business-oriented undergrad programme in Germany, followed by two years of full-time experience working at a global FMCG manufacturer.

Firstly, the programme cohort is incredibly international. People from all over the world with very diverse backgrounds joined the programme despite the ongoing crisis. Everyone in our class has unique stories to tell or experiences to share – which is great! It makes me feel like I can truly stretch myself within a global environment, improving my cross-cultural and interpersonal skills.

Secondly, the strongly practical-oriented approach of the Business School prepares us for the job market. Case studies, projects, external speakers, and company visits ensure we are ready for the challenges we will face in the real world. And while the Business School itself is very strong, we can use our year to build relationships with people from the College STEM faculties, developing interdisciplinary skills and work on projects together.

Finally, MSc International Management includes a unique focus on leadership. Our Leadership in Action module runs the entire year and gives great hands-on insights on what abilities and mindsets future leaders need to develop.

What has been your highlight of the programme so far?

The specific focus the programme puts on leadership abilities is something that impresses me a lot. It starts within your first weeks at the School. You will be introduced to tons of leadership opportunities – within your programme as a student leader, but also beyond in clubs and societies. A lot of our sessions touch psychological topics, which might sound weird to one or another. However, it is surprising how much you can and need to learn about yourself on the way to become a future leader. You will start to intensively question yourself, your behaviours, your decisions, mistakes you made and what you can learn from them. You will understand how others perceive you and how you can use your strengths and weaknesses to shape your environment, ultimately leading people around you.

MSc Management

MSc Management is an intensive, one-year programme perfect for those who want to kick start a career in business. The programme is suited to graduates who come from diverse undergraduate backgrounds, with academic content covering all aspects of relevant business knowledge that will prepare you for a career in management, including consulting and professional services.

MSc Management 2020-21 class stats - 163 students, 55% female and 43 nationalities represented

This year’s cohort of 163 welcomes students from 43 different nationalities. This diversity continues in students’ academic background, with 52% having previously studied Arts/Humanities, 21% Economics and 14% Science/Medicine/Maths. This truly diverse class creates the perfect environment for students to learn from one and other.

Meet MSc Management students

Ayotomiwa Ojo, MSc Management 2020-21, student at Imperial College Business School

Ayotomiwa Ojo

Nationality: British

Education: Economics and Philosophy, University of Nottingham

Why did you choose to study MSc Management at Imperial College Business School?

I chose to study MSc Management at Imperial due to its integration of theory with practical application, equipping you to solve real-world business problems. For instance, there are opportunities to work on a Consulting Project for a real client or embark on a Global Immersion. What also appealed to me is the freedom to shape your own pathway within the programme. Lastly, where better to study than at one of the top business schools worldwide? The quality of resources and support from the Programme and Careers team is unrivalled. I live outside of London, and I love that I am exposed to the perks of being in the city – there’s just so much to do! I’ve been drawn to the parks and museums in particular.

What has been your highlight of the programme so far?

My highlight so far has been the array of extracurricular and leadership opportunities available which perfectly compliment the hands-on tasks within the programme. I’ve been elected as Events Director for the Africa Business Club and Student Ambassador for the MSc Management programme. Through these opportunities, I’ve been able to meet a diverse range of people. This has widened my professional network in addition to enhancing my emotional intelligence and teambuilding skills in group projects. Imperial College Business School’s mantra is truly reflected in my experience.

Zach Johnson, MSc Management 2020-21, student at Imperial College Business School

Zach Johnson

Nationality: American

Education: International Relations, Loyola Marymount University

Why did you choose to study MSc Management at Imperial College Business School?

As someone with a desire to enter the business world, despite not studying business in undergrad, enrolling on MSc Management at Imperial College Business School was a logical next step for me. The programme’s interdisciplinary approach, where students are introduced to finance, accounting, and marketing modules (among many others), was a particular draw to me as a way to be introduced to the different aspects of business. The educational opportunities, alongside the international reputation of Imperial, made choosing the programme an easy decision.

What has been your highlight of the programme so far?

While there have definitely been many highlights so far, I think the one I’ve noticed the most is the opportunity I’ve had to meet and network with people from such a different set of nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds. The diversity I’ve seen so far at Imperial has been one of my favourite aspects of attending school in the UK. The experience I’ve had working with such different people is something that would have been difficult to match in my home country.

MSc Economics & Strategy for Business

Integrating cutting edge strategic analysis with contemporary economics, the MSc Economics & Strategy for Business programme will provide you with the skillset for a career in specialist economics and management services and financial services. Taught by faculty involved in leading research and business practice, the programme provides unparalleled insight into global strategy, economics, digital applications, innovation and risk management.

MSc Economics & Strategy for Business 2020-21 class stats - 172 students, 63% female and 35 nationalities represented

172 students joined the 2020-21 cohort, representing 35 different nationalities. As expected, 40% of students have an academic background in Economics and 24% in Finance/Accounting, making this programme a great stepping stone for those wanting to develop their current skillset and secure a role in the economic industry.

Meet MSc Economics & Strategy for Business students 

Hassana Jafiya

Nationality: Nigerian

Education: BSc Accounting and Finance, University of Leicester

Why did you choose to study MSc Economics & Strategy for Business at Imperial College Business School?

My previous work experience at PwC made me aware there was room for growth and improvement for me both personally and professionally. This realisation led me to MSc Economics & Strategy for Business as it is a very unique and diverse programme. It covers a large number of areas which enable me to fit in almost any professional environment. I chose to study here, not only because of its status as a world-leading university but also because of the Imperial community which consists of a driven alumni and stakeholder network.

What has been your highlight of the programme so far?

The people here have been really lovely, and I heard this a lot prior to joining Imperial, but now I can testify to that. I am surrounded by kind, smart and humble individuals. I have really enjoyed working with the diverse Africa Business Club team which I serve as Marketing Director. Also, the amount of support available is phenomenal, from personal to professional to academic and much more. There is a culture of constant development here and so many opportunities to take hold of. Most of the lecturers are also very engaging as they try to make things as practical and understandable as possible, with sometimes the most unexpected examples.

Satriya Willis, MSc Economics & Strategy for Business 2020-21, student at Imperial College Business School

Satria Wilis

Nationality: Indonesian 

Education: Philosophy, Politics and Economics, University of Warwick

Why did you choose to study MSc Economics & Strategy for Business at Imperial College Business School?

I majored in Philosophy, Politics and Economics during my undergraduate degree. My decision to apply to business school was influenced by my lack of exposure to business fundamentals and insights. This skill gap was made apparent during my one-year stint working in venture capital as an analyst; I realised very quickly that I could add much more value to the firm and to startups if I had a better grasp of business and strategy. Choosing MSc Economics & Strategy for Business was a no-brainer for me as it offered a much more ‘applied’ programme compared to other available ones. This has been reflected well in the modules that I have completed - many conventionally academic business fundamentals are taught with a uniquely ‘applied’ mindset, giving me more confidence in my eventual application of them to the real world.

What has been your highlight of the programme so far?

My highlight so far has been attending the various events, talks and discussions that the programme and various departments and societies have held throughout the year. It’s extremely refreshing to be able to get a chance to meet (virtually) and talk to the founders of global billion-dollar tech startups, executives of MNCs and experts in various niche fields that I find very fascinating. Imperial College Business School’s environment is extremely conducive to any kind of inquiry and curiosity, and having it satiated with the world’s leading executives and business founders has been very enlightening.

MSc Strategic Marketing

MSc Strategic Marketing provides a unique take on a Marketing Master’s programme, where marketing fundamentals meet the latest in technology and innovation. The programme is available in two different study modes, a one-year, full-time programme studied on campus in London or as a part-time, two-year programme which can be studied from anywhere in the world, enabling you to continue your career at the same time.

MSc Strategic Marketing 2020-21 class stats, 220 students, 77% female and 41 nationalities represented

In September 2020 we saw 220 students join our on-campus, full-time programme. A large cohort with 41 nationalities makes this group a melting pot of different cultures. The majority of students (39%) have an academic background in Business Management, followed by 22% having studied an Arts/Humanities subject.

Jing Ting Lee, MSc Strategic Marketing 2020-21, student at Imperial College Business School

Jing Ting Lee

Nationality: Singaporean

Education: Management and Marketing, University of Manchester

What is your main motivation for studying MSc Strategic Marketing?

I am passionate about solving the challenges we face and intrigued to learn about the science behind what drives consumer's motivation. Having over two years’ experience in the tourism and hospitality industry, I was seeking a change. I believe pursuing an MSc Strategic Marketing is the right option for me to develop a deeper understanding of the facets of marketing and enhance my knowledge of the marketing sector through the lens of strategy, innovation, and technology. I was sure that this programme at Imperial College Business School was right for me as it challenges my abilities and provides a platform for me to be surrounded by like-minded individuals.

What are your future career plans?

Driven to create a positive impact in the world we live in, I hope to enter the consulting or FMCG sector after graduation. With my marketing knowledge and background, I am keen to help companies attain their objectives and goals, or even impact people's lives through the daily products they use. I trust that the knowledge attained during my time on the MSc Strategic Marketing programme will definitely set me up to excel in these industries.

Henri Cotard

Nationality: French

Education: Management, IE University 

What is your background prior to studying MSc Strategic Marketing?

Living between New Zealand, Australia, France, and the UK in my childhood, I decided to study my undergrad at King's College London to get a broad view of the business world within an international community and a world-leading city. Those business and entrepreneurial skills were deepened last year during my MiM at IE, that also gave me the opportunity to discover Spanish culture, live in Madrid, and work with extremely diverse students and professors. At IE Business School, I nurtured my interest in marketing. Alongside working at Publicis Groupe in London and Paris, I thought that the MSc Strategic Marketing at Imperial would be an amazing chance for me to excel my knowledge in this field whilst meeting future marketers and benefit from London's professional world. I genuinely do not regret this choice!

What are your future career plans?

Similar to my background, I want to work internationally and constantly interact with different cultures, opinions, and mindsets. If my knowledge and experiences are very marketing oriented, I can see myself in any type of role in the coming years and this could be in the marketing department of a marketing-oriented company or in a consultancy firm. The current crisis will force us to become as flexible and adaptable as we can, only to get the best out of us, and I am strongly convinced that working with a smart and dynamic team is the key to my future career plans!


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