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Developing well-rounded leaders of the future is an integral part of the Imperial Full-Time MBA.

Supported from the minute you accept your offer, to your first day with us in leafy South Kensington, you’ll experience and investigate every element of leadership during your time on the programme, with the aim of learning not only what it takes to be successful in this area, but how your personal skills, attributes and experience can be developed into an effective and unique leadership style.

New for 2022, and an integral part of your leadership development, the LEADS module (Leadership, Ethics, Awareness, Diversity, Society) starts from your very first month and runs for the duration of your MBA. This core element of our Full-Time MBA is designed to offer a deep dive into the fundamentals of modern business leadership and the factors that influence one’s ability to make effective, ethically reasoned decisions at the highest level.

By forensically assessing your own attitude and interactions alongside the broader societal context in which impactful decisions get made, you will develop a practical understanding of leadership, alongside a toolkit of skills in each of the areas that make up the module acronym:

Leadership – building a skillset using the foundations of management by putting theoretical learnings into practice. Become a leader who delivers results in a responsible way and earns the respect and gratitude of their colleagues.

Ethics – understanding the importance of values and the effect that our personal values can have in driving our decisions. Learn how to make incisive decisions that make a positive impact while still aligning with your values

Awareness – developing a deeper sense of self and how you interact with others, including a look at the importance of maintaining physical and mental health to continue being an effective and reliable leader.

Diversity – learning how to work, manage, and lead as part of a diverse workforce. Understanding how individual differences can drive innovation and productivity when harnessed respectfully.

Society – harnessing the innate interdependencies that businesses have with the broader societal and environmental landscape in which they operate, using this knowledge to develop ideas and strategies that can help solve the challenges we all face in these areas.

The LEADS module is supported by our long-standing Personal Leadership Journey, which will help you to unlock your leadership potential by identifying your individual strengths and areas for development in terms of your leadership capability and professional effectiveness.

Combined with the support of your personal careers consultant, you’ll have the opportunity to network and interview with prospective employers, build valuable relationships with senior alumni, and expand your knowledge with reflective exercises and assessments to define your goals and get continual feedback.

The combination of LEADS with the wealth of knowledge and experience to be gained on the Full-Time MBA is key to preparing you for the path to the top post-graduation, and will ensure you leave us fully equipped to capitalise on the many opportunities that await as you transform into a leader of the future.