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LGBTQ+ Scholarship recipient, Lindsey Pigott, currently studies MSc International Health Management here at Imperial College Business School. To mark LGBT History month, Lindsey talks us through her experience of applying for the scholarship and how it supported her journey through Imperial.  

Growing up and realising you are different in any capacity can be very difficult, not only at a societal level but also from an individual level. In a lot of ways, I spent a long time being embarrassed about the things that made me different. Some of them were relatively innocuous; for example, I read comic books and listened to heavy metal. However, some aspects of identity can seem much more all-encompassing. This was especially prevalent when I came out as a part of the LGBTQ+ community. However, I learned to appreciate the things that set me apart and see them as strengths.   

Before I attended Imperial College Business School, I volunteered for four years at my college’s Centre for Diversity and Inclusion. I had several leadership roles during this time. One of these positions was moderating a weekly discussion group for queer women on campus. I also participated in a faculty and student initiative conducting diversity training for university departments as well as local community groups. I truly enjoyed my time volunteering in these positions and gained many integral business skills such as communications and conflict management.  

While searching for a Master’s programme, it was important to me that the university I chose saw individuality and uniqueness as strengths rather than weaknesses. I wanted a classroom that was forward-thinking and encouraged innovation. This is what brought me to Imperial College Business School. Imperial encourages diversity in both academics as well as in their student body.  

Funding my Master's

When looking for information on how to fund my education at the Business School, I came across the LGBTQ+ Scholarship.

The application process was a short video discussing my past history and experience as a part of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as what I would bring to Imperial and a future career.  Since it was a completely remote, pre-recorded video, the application process really allowed me to gather my thoughts and concisely discuss my previous life experiences. This made it less nerve-wracking in comparison to other scholarship applications. I heard back very quickly on my acceptance, only two weeks after I applied. It was an incredible feeling to have been awarded the scholarship and confirmed that Imperial College Business School would be the right environment for me.   

I was very grateful to be awarded this scholarship and I highly recommend applying. Not only has it helped me fund my studies, but I have been able to access events and receptions for other scholarship recipients to network and meet other incredible peers. I found Imperial to be a very welcoming environment and I cannot recommend Imperial and the LGBTQ+ Scholarship enough.  

Lindsey Pigott

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