Full-Time MBA class 2023-2024


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This September, we welcomed our new Full-Time MBA class, with 54 students joining us from across the world.  During the one-year MBA programme, students will embark on a journey of personal transformation as they gain the fundamental business knowledge and technological insights to transform their career, industry and the world we see today.  

These individuals have already exemplified dedication and perseverance. They have invested time in the application process, interviews and GMAT preparation. Each applicant has been individually chosen to be part of this highly competitive programme, creating an exceptional cohort to learn, develop and grow with.  

Studying in London, Europe’s start-up capital and global business hub, our students have a competitive edge to accelerate their career and build a network. Imperial College Business School Careers provide world-class support that is tailored to our student’s own career aspirations; it is an essential part of our MBA programmes. Several personalised services are provided prior to our students starting their programme, throughout their time at the Business School, and after they graduate. 93% of our 2022 Full-Time MBA graduates were employed within three months.  

What does the new class look like? 

At Imperial, we take pride in our diverse student body across all our programmes. This year, the class represents 21 different nationalities, with 33% being female students and the average age being 29. On average, the class has 6 years of work experience. The class have come from a wide range of backgrounds including Engineering, Consulting, Professional Services, Banking/Finance, Energy, Consumer and more. 

Meet the Full-Time MBA class of 2023-2024 stats
Caterina Menichelli

Caterina Menichelli 

Nationality: Italian 

Education: Universita di Trento, BSc Cognitive Psychology 

Most recent employer and job title: Head of Operations at Bactobio 

What motivated you to pursue an MBA, and what are your career goals after completing the programme? 

I chose to pursue a Full-Time MBA at Imperial Business School driven by my aspiration to excel as a hands-on operations leader within a purpose-driven organisation. I recognise that strong leadership, strategic thinking and financial acumen are essential skills in any business context, and pursuing an MBA would not only fill in the gaps in my skillset but also elevate me into an innovative and mindful leader. Looking ahead, my goal post-MBA is to lead the operations in a fast-growing, mission-driven, and innovative organisation. My objective is to contribute to the growth and success of a company that not only prioritises its mission, but also embraces innovation as a cornerstone for positive change. 

What do you hope to learn and achieve on the Full-Time MBA programme? 

During my MBA journey, I aspire to refine my leadership, finance, and strategic thinking skills to become a well-rounded business leader. Imperial offers a unique environment that integrates business, technology, and innovation, providing the ideal platform for honing these skills. My objective is to take use of the varied opportunities available at Imperial, exploring different areas of business and get exposed to state-of-the-art research and industry insights. I'm also excited to network and work on collaborative initiatives that will allow me to learn about new companies and sectors.  

How have you found the collaboration of business and technology at Imperial? 

The collaboration between business and technology at Imperial has been exceptional. There are many networking events, organised by both Imperial and student organisations, that offer the opportunity to connect with the wider student body from the different Imperial departments. A highlight of this collaboration has been the Imperial Innovation Challenge: in this one-week laboratory, we had the chance to work with Imperial scientists to create innovative business solutions for challenging global issues. During this week, my group created a new application for a stroke rehabilitation technology, demonstrating the real-world influence that results from cutting-edge technology and commercial acumen. 

Reyhan Hidayat

Reyhan Hidayat 

Nationality: Indonesian 

Education: Swiss German University, BSc in Mechatronics Engineering

Most recent employer and job title: Senior Well Intervention Engineer, PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam 

What do you hope to learn or achieve during your time in the MBA programme?  

I wish to expand my network, rediscover myself on this transformative leadership journey, and gain the skills required for any future endeavours. Being at Imperial College Business School enables me to tap into the larger college network also the global network, leveraging Imperial’s reputation. On the second note, through the first months in my MBA journey, I discovered that I have a passion for entrepreneurship – so I want to build on this passion and tailor my MBA journey to the entrepreneurship path. 

Are there any specific projects that you have enjoyed so far? 

I enjoyed participating in the Imperial Innovation Challenge very much. For a week, we were put in groups with Imperial’s innovators and students from Royal College of Art. Our objective was to try to accelerate the application of deep technology in the market. We were guided to brainstorm our ideas, think about every aspect that relates to it, and try to lower the barriers that may prevented it to materialise. At the end, we pitched our ideas in front of the ‘dragons’ which comprised of academics, business founders, and investors. To my surprise, my group won second prize! Building on that, I cannot wait to get more involvement in similar activities.  



 Noelle Robbins

Noelle Robbins 

Nationality:  American 

Education: BSc informatics  

Most recent employer and job title: Associate Consultant, Slalom 

Can you share a brief overview of your professional background and the industries you've worked in?  

I spent four years working in technology consulting in the San Francisco Bay Area. For the initial two years, my focus as a consultant was on user experience design, where I spent my time designing and implementing user-friendly solutions for clients. For the latter years, I shifted my focus towards more strategic projects, where I collaborated with major technology companies in Silicon Valley. As my work began to shift to look at problem solving through a broader lens, I became more interested in business and finance, ultimately leading me to pursue an MBA. 

Have you joined any clubs or societies outside of the classroom? 

The Full-Time MBA has allowed me to continue my interest in my current hobbies and pick up some new ones along the way. As a tennis player, I’ve been able to connect with classmates and take time out to relax and play friendly matches in nearby Hyde Park. This spring, there is an “MBAT” tournament where we will have the opportunity to compete against other MBA candidates in France. Additionally, several of my classmates are avid dancers, and I hope to take time to learn some new techniques from around the world. 

Are there any specific projects or initiatives you're excited to work on with your classmates? 

I am eager to learn from my classmates throughout the programme.  Specifically, I have opted in for a finance project, where a small team will solve a real-world business problem for a client. Each classmate lends a unique skill coming from different backgrounds, and I am looking forward to the learnings they will bring. Additionally, undertaking this will put my learnings from the classroom into context and help me understand how these concepts are applicable in the real-world.  

Taiye Oloriade

Taiye Oloriade 

Nationality: Nigerian 

Education: University of Lagos, Nigeria - Mechanical Engineering 

Most recent employer and job title: Assistant Manager, Technology Transformation - Deloitte

What were your first impressions of Imperial College Business School? 

My experience with Imperial students has been delightful. Particularly, the close-knit nature of my cohort truly stands out to me. One recent experience was the entire cohort celebrating the Diwali holidays together. Connecting with my cohort mates has hands down been the highlight of my journey here. It's not just about the academics; it's about the friendships and shared moments that make the whole experience super exciting and memorable. 

What has been your biggest accomplishment as an MBA student so far? 

In my capacity as the President of the African Business Club, I have had the opportunity to lead dynamic conversations on EMEA, Diversity, and Africa. Working alongside an exceptional team, we are dedicated to providing individuals with relevant insights, transformative tools, and innovative approaches that can effectively address the enduring and global challenges faced by emerging economies. By fostering a collaborative and empowering environment, our goal is to contribute meaningfully to the development and growth of both individuals and communities.

Eva Look

Eva Look

Nationality: Hong Kong 

Education: University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Science, (Major in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology)   

Most recent employer and job title: Associate Account Director, Grey Advertising

How do you see the diversity of the class enhancing the value of your business education?  

The diversity within our cohort of 21 nationalities and various professional backgrounds brings immense value to our business education. Through class discussions, we gain insights into different business practices across countries and industries, which broadens our understanding and enhances our global perspectives. Collaborating with classmates from diverse backgrounds also improves our ability to navigate multicultural teams and effectively communicate in international business settings. We even had a session on Cultural Intelligence, which further honed our abilities in this regard. 

What advice would you give to applicants considering Imperial College Business School’s Full-Time MBA programme?   

Be authentic both to yourself and to the admissions panel. Take the time to deeply understand yourself and your long-term career aspirations. This self-reflection will help you craft a compelling narrative that genuinely conveys your story to the admissions panel. Additionally, reach out to current students at the Business School to gain insights into what Imperial College Business School offers and determine if it aligns with your goals. Student Ambassadors are available to answer your questions and provide guidance to fine-tune your application to the programme. 



Edison Toro

Edison Nuñez Toro

Nationality: Colombian 

Education: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Psychology 

How have you found the collaboration of business and technology at Imperial?  

Imperial College London is a world-class STEM university with a special focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, and with the business focus we are experiencing amazing moments. Our network in London enables us to collaborate with prestigious institutions like the Royal School of Arts and the Royal School of Music. Through these collaborations, we have participated in deep-tech innovation challenges, improved our skills using innovative technology, and received real-time feedback to improve our pitch skills. This has enabled us to constantly push ourselves beyond our limits and become better versions of ourselves. 

What has been your best memory as an MBA student so far? 

As a cohort, we always make plans to go out and enjoy ourselves during the weekends, whether it is grabbing dinner or exploring the city. Being in a city like London offers countless opportunities to have fun with friends while still being budget friendly. 

Sharon Grace Philip

Sharon Grace Philip 

Nationality: Indian 

Education: National Institute of Technology, Calicut, Bachelor of Technology, 

Most recent employer and job title: Product Manager, Deloitte Consulting

Can you share a brief overview of your professional background and the industries you've worked in?  

I hold a degree in Electronics Engineering and commenced my professional journey as a Business Technology Analyst at Deloitte, and continued with the firm until I started my MBA. Throughout my career, my focus has been on delivering digital solutions, with a significant emphasis on the Health Care and Life Sciences sector. My expertise extends to serving public sector clients in the United States and collaborating with Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies. Four years back, I made a transition into product management where I had the opportunity to create user-centric and innovative solutions for the insurance and sports industries. I particularly had a great experience building an interactive fan experience app for a leading golf association that organised over 20 different championships. 

Are there any specific projects or initiatives you're excited to work on with your classmates?  

I am particularly eager to engage in various projects and initiatives with my classmates during the programme, with a keen interest in Imperial's entrepreneurship journey and the ‘We Innovate’ challenge organised by the Imperial Enterprise Lab. ‘We Innovate’ is a 6-month activity running from January to May. This scheme supports the development of up to 25 teams through masterclasses, business coaching, 1-to-1 expert support, peer mentoring and much more. There are 3 phases of this scheme, in which 25 teams become a final 5 who then compete for a chance to win a share of the £30,000 prize fund! Both these initiatives provide opportunities to collaboratively develop innovative solutions and contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Imperial. 

Additionally, I am looking forward to the Global Experience week at Rio De Janeiro, where I anticipate gaining invaluable insights into international business practices and expanding my cultural understanding. This immersive experience aligns perfectly with my goal to approach business challenges with a global perspective, and I am enthusiastic about collaborating with diverse peers to make the most of this enriching opportunity. 

David MacDonald 

Nationality: Scottish 

Education: University of Edinburgh, Masters in Chemical Engineering 

Most recent employer and job title: Harbour Energy, Process Engineer 

What makes London such a great place to earn an MBA degree? 

London has a lot of advantages as a place to study with amazing culture, sport and nightlife to name but a few! Imperial College Business School, situated in South Kensington, is a cool location for a campus with the V&A Museum, Science Museum and Natural History Museum on one side and the Royal Albert Hall on the other. London also has some amazing networks and opportunities for students to get involved in and as the economic centre of the UK there are lots of top employers on our doorstep for visits and presentations. As a global city there are options to suit anyone’s tastes! 

What advice would you give to applicants considering Imperial College Business School’s Full-Time MBA programme?  

If you are unsure about applying reach out to current students for a chat, we are all approachable and would be happy to chat.  

Make sure you do your research; understand why you can add value to Imperial College Business School and why it is an institution that can complement your skills. Read up about all the scholarship opportunities to see if you qualify and spend time building a strong case. 

Also look at the opportunities that Imperial has outside of the business school as you may be lucky enough to meet your future co-founder at one of the accelerator events. 

What lies in the year ahead?   

As aforementioned, our students have already enjoyed the Imperial Innovation Challenge, this is a one-week learning laboratory, where students worked with Imperial College London scientists to apply innovative thinking to generate business solutions to complex international issues. In groups, they used business model innovation to create economic disruption with positive environmental and social effects. Technology and innovation are deep routed in Imperial’s culture, this practical hands-on learning experience is an integral part of the programme.  

Our students can look forward to Global Experience Week; this takes place over the summer term, and it is an unforgettable opportunity. They’ll learn about the challenges faced by local organisations, and how a country’s business environment affects the way they operate. This year, students can choose between going to Kenya or Brazil. The following themes for these trips are: 

  • Kenya: How can business address inequality? 

  • Brazil: Market Trends in the Marvellous City 

Furthermore, the LEADS module is a holistic leadership module that spans the entire year, it allows students to continually reflect on their leadership development and progress. Students can look forward to a memorable capstone in an incredible location at the end of the module.  

Another highlight of this programme are the Business School’s Glocal electives. These electives teach students how to explore contemporary global business problems with a local perspective. Subsequently, they will gain a deep insight into international issues in a particular geography and will benefit from the in-market exposure and teaching the trips provide. This elective is led by Imperial College Business School faculty in collaboration with partners at global locations. These intensive four-day study abroad programmes give students who want to enrich their academic curriculum a stimulating experience. The locations have included Houston, Milan, Singapore and Tel Aviv previously. 

We are really delighted to have welcomed our new Full-Time MBA class and we are very excited to see their transformative journeys unfold and celebrate their achievements this year.