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Before joining Imperial 

With 10 years of professional experience in several high-profile roles across numerous sectors and companies, I currently work at Vodafone in the London office as a Global Senior Commercial Manager in Big Data & Artificial Intelligence. 

In this role, I have had enormous opportunities to learn different business processes, understand obstacles and come up with creative solutions. I also act as a public speaker and have delivered more than 50 speeches to date, providing insights and stories related to motivation, the future of business life, technology and more to over 2000 people.

Imperial has one of the most well-established and outstanding business schools, with an Executive MBA that will allow me to join the exclusive Imperial Alumni network to stay fully connected to the latest developments in the business sphere. A diverse class profile, knowledge-rich curriculum, and international residencies in Berlin and Hong Kong were all important motivators for me to pursue an Executive MBA at Imperial. 

Programme highlights 

All the modules on the programme cover different aspects of modern business, and the information we’ve been exposed to at Imperial is mind-blowing. Group work has been taken seriously throughout, and working with diverse teams is a fulfilling experience that allows me to learn from my fellow MBA candidates. It is also great practice for people who don’t have much international work experience.

Most of the core modules relate to leadership, decision-making, communication, analytics, or organisational behaviour in some way and have been extremely well rounded.

The modules related to marketing have been my favourites so far, as they are all about understanding consumer pains and enticing them with the service/product that we offer. To establish humanised, robust and long-term relationships with consumers, I’m constantly trying to learn more about this subject so that I can boost customer satisfaction – something that should be the ultimate goal for all enterprises.

Networking and leadership

Imperial is a great place to build an extensive worldwide network and the best place to leverage your skillsets in different areas like leadership, decision making, communication and analytics. For example, Imperial’s comprehensive Executive Leadership Journey is quite interesting indeed. The programme’s design has helped me to put effective and collaborative leadership into my work and harness the capabilities and potential of teams and other colleagues. It helps you to focus on development of your own leadership capabilities as well as exploring teamwork for competitive advantage, change and renewal.

Life after the MBA 

After completing the Executive MBA, my short-term professional goal is to obtain a Big Data & AI Product Director position at Vodafone. It will be a great experience for me to apply all the theoretical information taken from Imperial, and combine it with my professional experience to create real impact that affects millions of people’s lives directly.

The information flow in today’s digital world is truly astounding. New products and services are released every day, and Imperial has taught me how to be an early adopter of new technologies and enhancements, particularly around artificial intelligence, to create efficiency. The Business School has encouraged me to be more curious, analytical, and a good communicator to realise my long-term goals and enable me to make remarkable contributions to the society that we all live in.

Applications to join the February 2022 cohort are now open