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How fast time has flown! We are already approaching our third semester studying MSc Strategic Marketing (online, part-time) and in such a short time we have covered so many interesting topics. In today’s blog, I am going to look back on three of my favourite modules — Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Analytics and Applied Strategic Marketing.

Dr Andreas Eisingerich, Professor of Marketing at Imperial College Business School
Professor Andreas Eisingerich

Consumer Behaviour

As mentioned in my previous blog, Consumer Behaviour — taught by our Academic Director Professor Andreas Eisingerich — is one of the most popular modules in the programme.

In this module we covered insightful topics such as how to capture customers’ attention through sensory marketing, storytelling, humour, etc. The online activities are very interactive and diverse and allow fellow students, based in different parts of the world, to share thoughts and ideas and learn from each other.

The assignment that we had to prepare was also very interesting. We were given the freedom to be creative and write about a marketer that we admired and we had to explain our choice by applying what we learned from the module. I wrote about a female business leader who changed the industry landscape and consumers’ expectation for her business category.

It was a very fun exercise, and I was given a lot of feedback from Professor Eisingerich on what I did well and where I could have elaborated more. Overall, I really enjoyed this module. Andreas is a great professor full of charisma and energy!

Dr Stijn Maesen, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Imperial College Business School
Dr Stijn Maesen

Marketing Analytics

In this module, Dr Stijn Maesen explains how to use data to make important marketing decisions such as segmentation, marketing budget allocation, etc. I particularly enjoyed this module because data is vital for understanding the complexity and ever-changing nature of the modern business landscape.

Making decisions based on intuition can lead to risky outcomes because we don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow! Furthermore, companies are investing billions of dollars into marketing every year while facing increasing competition. We need to try to maximise our ROI, otherwise we may not even be able to survive.

We were taught how to use the programming language R to make regression models to address business issues. I was very surprised that as an online module, the concept and the method of conducting analysis on rather complex data management software was explained very well. Dr Maesen and our module tutor Britney were helpful and responsive whenever we raised a question through email.

Not only do they explain step-by-step how to conduct the analysis in a clear manner, they also drill into the details on how to interpret the models and how may we apply them to decisions on marketing mix design. After all these years studying mathematics and statistics, I could finally understand what implications the numbers have in real business scenarios!

James Eteen, Senior Teaching Fellow in Marketing and Strategy at Imperial College Business School
James Eteen

Applied Strategic Marketing

Some of the concepts covered in this module, such as disruptive businesses models, are changing the way we do business. Our lecturer James Eteen, an experienced consultant and former co-lead partner of Ernst & Young UK Strategy Practice, used real case studies to explain different concepts and always makes sure that the content covered is up-to-date.

For example, we covered the impact of COVID-19 on different businesses and how it is changing buyer behaviour, as well as how businesses should react to this complicated situation. Not only do I find the concepts very interesting and insightful, but I love how our thoughts were challenged, which encouraged an analytical mindset.

One of the interesting things about this module is that we sometimes had classes with the Global Online MBA cohort. It gave us the opportunity to meet students from other backgrounds and learn from those with different areas of expertise.

Reflections on the MSc Strategic Marketing (online, part-time) programme

As this is an online, part-time programme, and a lot of us are working full-time jobs, I appreciate the fact that the Programmes team always tries to understand how we are coping with the modules and take on board our opinions about the materials with the aim of making continuous improvements.

The Business School provides a safe environment for us to express our views to student leaders of the Student Staff Committee, who meet every month to provide support to students throughout the term.

In the summer term, we get to choose three electives that interest us, and I have chosen Advanced Strategy, International Business and Leadership. I am very excited for the next semester. Hopefully we get to travel soon so I can meet some great friends and teammates that I have met through this online programme in London!

Cherrie Hui, MSc Strategic Marketing (online, part-time) 2020-22, student at Imperial College Business School

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