Imperial College Business School: Davos 2023

The following members of faculty will be attending Davos 2023.

We would welcome approaches from those attending Davos who would like to meet with any of our faculty.

Francisco Veloso

Francisco Veloso

Professor Francisco Veloso is the Dean at Imperial College Business School. Previously, he was the Dean at Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics. Francisco´s research focuses on high tech innovation and entrepreneurship.

David Shrier

David Shrier

David Shrier is a Professor of Practice, AI & Innovation at Imperial College Business School. He is a member of Imperial's Centre for Digital Transformation and leads both the Translational AI Lab (TRAIL), applying trusted AI solutions to problems of business, government, and society, and the Institutional Digital Assets Project, helping organisations understand and adopt digital assets such as crypto.

David has curated the programme and will be facilitating the events in Davos.

Chris Tucci

Christopher Tucci

Christopher Tucci is Professor of Digital Strategy & Innovation and Director of Imperial's Centre for Digital Transformation. His primary area of interest is in how firms transition to new business models, technologies and organisational forms. He is also studying crowdsourcing, internetworking, and other digital innovations.


Maurizio Zollo

Professor Maurizio Zollo is Scientific Director of the Leonardo Centre and directs the GOLDEN (Global Organizational Learning and Development Network) for Impact program. His research focuses on the management of complex strategic initiatives, from M&A and partnerships to sustainability-oriented innovation and organizational change efforts, and on the neuroscience of innovation and sustainability decisions. His research also involves international institutions including the UN, EU, OECD, World Bank and WEF in developing policy implications to support and stimulate the private sector's efforts in these areas.


Livio Scalvini

Livio Scalvini

Livio Scalvini is Executive Director of the Leonardo Centre and CEO and co-founder of Golden for Impact, an international organisation developing alternative models of enterprise for economic and human value creation. Before joining Imperial College Business School, he was Professor in Entrepreneurial Finance at East Piedmont University.

He is the author of publications on strategic planning and the dynamics of markets.