How we work with you

We offer dedicated careers support from the moment you accept your offer!

We understand that one of your primary reasons for choosing a programme at Imperial College Business School is to kick-start your career in a highly competitive recruitment environment.

We know that the more pro-active you are, the more likely you are to be successful, so from the moment you accept a place, and within the six months before you start, you can access our specialised team of career professionals within a Business School Careers service.

Once you have accepted your offer with the Business School you will become an Admitted Student.  It’s at this stage you will gain access to The Hub, the Business School’s online learning platform.  Here you will find the Careers Primer – as soon as you complete this primer you will have full access to Careers even before you start on campus!


Careers Primer on The Hub

Step 1 – Complete Foundations for Careers Success

The aim of this online module is to equip you with the tools to identify your career goals and to help you to achieve them. The module will help you develop your career strategy, understand how to effectively market yourself and ultimately find a career that is right for you.

Step 2 – Complete Writing Your CV

This online module will help you to understand the key elements that form an Imperial College Business School CV.  You will also reflect on the importance of a CV from the recruiter’s perspective and build your first draft of your Imperial College Business School CV.

Step 3 – Put your CV through the CV Enhancement Platform – VMock

Once you have fully completed Step 2 you will receive the link to our CV Enhancement Platform.  This platform, called VMock, uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to assess your CV and make suggestions for you to improve it in order to achieve the Imperial College Business School benchmark score.

Step 4 – Upload your Imperial College Business School CV to Symplicity

Symplicity is our Career Management System, and your portal to all Careers support.


Current Students


We provide highly relevant and unlimited one-to-one support, as well as an extensive range of eResources, regular workshops and networking opportunities, including:

  • Career Planning Meetings
  • One-to-one career appointments
  • Jobs Blasts & Online Jobs Board
  • One-to-one English language support
  • Presentation rehearsals
  • Recruitment presentations, Fairs and employer-led sessions
  • Professional development workshops
  • CV, Cover Letter, Application Form checks
  • Interview advice
  • Video interview practice
  • Mock Interviews and Assessment Centres, tailored to your specific needs
  • Career Resources (company and sector information, psychometric test practice, recruiter databases, global work guides and much more)
  • Networking events

Book via Symplicity or email us

Connecting with Employers

Our dedicated team of Employer Relations Managers regularly meet with industry from large multinationals such as Amazon, Apple, Morgan Stanley, Dyson, McKinsey, LVMH, Kraft-Heinz, and JP Morgan down to niche SME’s and start-ups to get you connected.

The Employer Relations Managers work tirelessly to arrange Guest Lectures, Networking Events, Industry specific Career Fairs, Recruitment Presentations, Student Career Clubs, Office Visits, Industry Specific Events and an Online JobsBoard on Symplicity