Employment report

The MBA will enable you to increase your value and improve your chances of achieving your career goals, whether that means a change of location, function or sector, or even starting your own business.

This report covers the MBA cohort of 2017-18, which is our most recently graduated class.

Please note all figures refer to graduates who were seeking employment and shared employment data with us.

employed within three months*

average increase in salary*

changed location for a new role*

accepted a job offer in a new sector*

Employment by sector

  • 29% Consulting
  • 25% IT / Telecoms / Technology
  • 23% Finance
  • 6% FMCG / Luxury goods / Retail
  • 6% Marketing/media
  • 4% Energy / Utilities
  • 4% Transport/Logistics
  • 3% Other

Location of post-MBA role

  • 65% UK
  • 21% Asia
  • 4% Europe
  • 4% North America
  • 4% Central America
  • 2% Middle East and North Africa

Some of our recent recruiters include:

*Employment data is based on employment activity within 3 months of graduation. Location change data is based on accepting offers of employment within 3 months of graduation and those who have returned to a location.