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Online pre-study modules

Before the programme begins you will be expected to complete some online pre-study modules which are delivered through The Hub, Imperial College Business School’s virtual learning environment.

These modules will be available to students who have accepted an offer of admission from July onwards and are designed to give you a basic knowledge of areas that will be covered later in the programme, as well as covering topics such as plagiarism awareness.

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Core Modules

Core modules

You will study 12 taught modules across the year, starting with a focus on the principles of management and moving increasingly towards a focus on healthcare. In the summer term you will undertake applied modules, encouraging you to utilise the skills you have gained so far.

Autumn term

This module will develop your managerial potential by examining the power of financial and management accounting to deliver information, while examining their relevance to the broader issues of management decision making and control.

This module will focus on how an organisation prepares for the future, its overall strategy and how the strategy is formulated and deployed. The module will make full use of key models and concepts of strategic management and apply them to the global healthcare industry, further raising awareness of contemporary issues and practices that the industry faces.

This module aims to demonstrate that marketing is essentially about understanding the ways in which an organisation can serve its customers better than its competitors, and continue to do so over time. More specifically, the aim is to introduce the key marketing concepts, to understand the principles of marketing analysis and how marketing is an essential element of business strategic planning in the healthcare sector.

This module will explore the issues around the introduction and dispersal of new healthcare technologies across health systems. You will look at the reasons for problems with integrating this complex and rapidly evolving sector and at ways of managing healthcare innovation more effectively.

During this module you will become familiar with organisational behaviour, models of organisational change and fundamental people management processes. You will gain an understanding of the key aspects of organisational behaviour and human resource management and their relationship to how an organisation performs and functions.

Spring term

During this module, you’ll get an understanding of ‘live’ issues in the healthcare industry for policy makers, including the concept of a health system and why its performance should be measured. You’ll learn to make critical assessments of current issues in healthcare systems and apply these ideas in your own work.

You will study the application of microeconomic theory to the healthcare sector, analysing principles of microeconomics and their application. You will also consider the issues of efficiency, equity and their application to the healthcare sector.

During this module, you will be introduced to individual elements of the health system and international trends. Drawing on the empirical research of the Business School and Faculty of Medicine, you will examine the processes, goals and objectives of the health system and key developments in this area.

In this module students will develop a good understanding of the environmental sources affecting health locally and globally. Students will gain the skills to critically appraise health impact assessment studies and will review the possible biases of observational studies and how to address them in order to quantify the impact of the environment on individuals’ health, while developing the ability to formulate the key elements of sustainable solutions in different contexts.

The module introduces the key skills required to undertake the Healthcare Sector Project and Work Placement modules and aims to equip you with the foundation skills to pursue a career in health management and consulting.

Summer term

This applied module requires you to work as part of a small team to identify a business idea. Transforming your idea into a fully formed proposal, you will gain the invaluable experience of integrating and putting into practice all you have learned on the core modules. Your team will be judged on a business pitch and a full presentation of your commercial proposal.

This applied module offers an introduction to the essentials of new venture formation and entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on high-tech business. The focus is practical and hands-on, underpinned by theory and academic research. By the end of this module you will understand the life cycle of an entrepreneurial venture.

Imperial College Business School reserves the right to alter modules whenever they need to be amended or improved. Faculty may also change as and when required.