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AB - The multiple uses of land-cover models have led to validation with choice metrics or an adhoc choice of the validation metrics available. To address this, we have identified the majordimensions of land-cover maps that ought to be evaluated and devised a SimilarityValidation (SimiVal) tool. SimiVal uses a linear regression to test a modelled projectionagainst benchmark cases of, perfect, observed and systematic-bias, calculated by rescalingthe metrics from a random case relative to the observed, perfect case. The most informativeregression coefficients, p-value and slope, are plot on a ternary graph of ‘similarity space’whose extremes are the three benchmark cases. This plot provides a rigorous similarityassessment against these extremes and other projections. SimiVal is tested on projectionsof two deliberately contrasting land-cover models to show the similarity between intra- andinter-model parameterisations. Predictive and exploratory models can benefit from the tool.
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