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The Clean Power Program is collaborative project, led by the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London and funded by the Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF). Technical expertise came from academics across Imperial College London, including the , the Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP), Energy Futures Lab (EFL), the Grantham Institute and Imperial College Business School.

These three online courses cover the opportunities and advantages of clean power, the tools needed to build a global low-carbon power sector and the challenges and solutions of the energy transition.  Available online through EdX, the courses are free to take, accessible from anywhere in the world and part of a Professional Certificate program. Each course should take approximately 2-5 hours per week, spread over 5-6 weeks.

"The course systematically presents the interactions between clean power and climate change mitigation, political concerns, energy accessibility, as well as environmental benefits and public health. It explains the issue very clearly and has helped me see it from different perspectives."


Sincere gratitude and thanks to the members of our advisory for their advice and counsel 

We would also like to acknowledge the input of a number of external partner organisations at a number of stages in this project across design, production and review. 

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