Topics: Energy and Low-Carbon Futures, Impacts and adaptation, Mitigation, Resources and Pollution
Type: Briefing paper
Publication date: October 2021



Authors: Dr Drew PearceDr Ajay GambhirProfessor Jenny NelsonAlyssa GilbertDr Aidan Rhodes and Rishi Bhugobaun

This report presents the emerging research pathways required to decarbonise the transport sector. It has been led by Drew Pearce at Imperial College London with input from a variety of experts.

An illustrated view of a world with net-zero transport. There are trains, people on bikes, scooters, buses, a plane in the sky and green covered buildings and electric cars.


The future is uncertain and there are many different pathways ahead for technology and society. Some, but not all, of these pathways will deliver the required amount of decarbonisation to comply with the Paris Agreement. Whilst we cannot know for certain which of these pathways will be chosen, research allows us both to identify the patterns and trends that can help shape the pathways, and ultimately our future, and to develop the technologies and approaches that can assist decarbonisation. This report isolates the key trends that will need to take place, as well as outlining one possible timeline of events.

Download: Research pathways for net zero transport [PDF]

Illustrations by Matthew Hart

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