See below for details of processes in the Joint Research Office.

JRO processes

The Joint Research Office has compiled a draft JRO process map (pdf) to show how we manage applications for grants and requests for agreements related to research projects.

The map is split into three sections and is supported by links to further information on the JRO website:

  • overview - to explain how work is allocated to our teams
  • grants - to plot the course of an application from pre-award to post-award through costing, development, the 5-day submission window and administration
  • contracts - to show how agreements progress from the initial request through the review of terms to negotiation and execution. 

To comply with the College Ethics Code, Faculty Approval requires that a Relationship Review be carried out to assess ethical issues and any reputational risk to the College before approval is given to research proposals.

When conducting a relationship review, Faculty Research Services check organisations have a mission or strategy which is consistent with the College’s. Where more than one organisation is involved (eg collaborative partners and sub-contractors) the reputational risk of each should be considered.

The JRO Contracts teams carry out a relationship review of any organisation new to the College.

Reputational risk due diligence process map (pdf)

Relationship Review FORM (Word)

Relationship Review summary (Word)

Ethics Code RS Operational Guidelines (Word) - Oct 2019